Charlie, the Horse

November 1850 - July 1851

They did have with them in Paris their horse, Charlie, and the carriage. They had a very special affection for Charlie because he had come to them in a time of great distress. About a year previous when Ellen White had suffered a painful 40-mile (64-kilometer) stagecoach trip to Sutton, Vermont, the believers in Sutton realized the difficulties that attended the Whites in their journeys, and united in making up a purse of $175 with which to provide a horse and carriage. James and Ellen were given the choice of several horses brought for their inspection. The process of selecting one did not take long, for in vision the night before Ellen seemed to be at the crossroads appointed, and as horses were led before them the angel had given counsel.

The first was a high-spirited, light reddish-brown, rather nervous animal, and the angel said, "No." "Not that one" was the verdict on the second, a large gray horse. Then, as a beautiful dapple chestnut, somewhat swaybacked, horse was led before them, the angel said, "That is the one for you." His name was Charlie, and he lightened their journey to Canada and through a period of many years (WCW, "Sketches and Memories of James and Ellen G. White," RH, Apr. 25, 1935).

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