The Publishing Office in Rochester, New York

March 1852 - April 1852

Steps were taken immediately to carry out the actions of the conference held on March 12. A printing press was purchased in New York City, and the stocks of papers and pamphlets, along with the Whites' meager household equipment and personal belongings, were packed and shipped from Saratoga Springs. As money was scarce, they had to borrow to pay the freight westward across the state.

In Rochester they found, at 124 Mount Hope Avenue, a home thought sufficiently large to accommodate the publishing house family and the printing equipment. The rent of $14.50 a month seemed to be within their ability to pay.

The first issue of volume 3 of the Review, bearing the publication date of May 6, was ready in type before the press arrived, so was "struck off" on another press in the town.

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