Publishing Work from May to Novmber

May 1850 - November 1850

In late October 1850 the Whites took up residence in Paris, Maine, for the purpose of publishing the three angels' messages. James had suspended the publication of Present Truth while they made an itinerary to Vermont, Canada, and Maine from mid-May to mid-July, and while he was publishing the first four numbers of the Advent Review at Auburn, New York.

In early November at Paris he picked up the Present Truth again and put out number 11. In this he stated, "The brethren may now expect to receive a few numbers," and he called for those who could do so to write for the paper. He also brought out number 5 of the Advent Review, the final issue. It was devoted entirely to a reprint of portions of Joseph Bates's Second Advent Way Marks and High Heaps, a significant pamphlet reviewing the 1844 experience.

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