Trip to Basel, Switzerland

02 September 1885

Crossing the English Channel by ship is often an uncomfortable experience, and so it was on Wednesday, September 2. However, even though many were seasick, Ellen White reported that she was not sick at all. But "we were glad, after one hour and a half's ride, to step off the boat at Calais" (MS 16a, 1885). There they were met by Mr. Brown, a literature evangelist in the city.

To secure a sleeping compartment on the train to Basel would have cost $11 apiece, so they chose to spend an uncomfortable night and save the dollars. She reported on the experience:

A bed was made for me between the seats on the top of the satchels and telescope boxes. I rested some, but slept little. The rest took their chances on the seats. We were not sorry to have the night pass (ibid.).

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