The Use of Liquor and Tobacco among Adventists

14 December 1851

Quite early in the years following the Disappointment, as the believers met together there was recognition of the evils of liquor and tobacco. In 1851 one man wrote to Ellen White asking if she had seen in vision that it was wrong to use tobacco. She replied on December 14:

I have seen in vision that tobacco was a filthy weed, and that it must be laid aside or given up. Said my accompanying angel, "If it is an idol, it is high time it was given up, and unless it is given up, the frown of God will be upon the one that uses it. . . .

I saw that Christ will have a church without spot or wrinkle or any such thing to present to His Father, . . . as He leads us through the pearly gates of the New Jerusalem. . . . After Jesus has done so much for us, will any-one be undecided whether to deny himself of the filthy weed for His sake?

We must be perfect Christians, deny ourselves all the way along, tread the narrow, thorny pathway that our Jesus trod, and then if we are final overcomers, heaven, sweet heaven will be cheap enough (letter 5, 1851).

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