Vision: James Must Continue to Publish

09 June 1851

The situation finally came to the point where James declared, "Wife, it is no use to try to struggle on any longer. These things are crushing me, and will soon carry me to the grave. I cannot go any farther. I have written a note for the paper stating that I shall publish no more" (1LS, p. 280.). As he stepped out of the door to take the note to the printing office, Ellen fainted. He returned, and she rallied in response to earnest prayer. The next morning at family worship she was taken off in vision. She wrote of what she was shown:

I saw that my husband must not give up the paper, for such a step was just what Satan was trying to drive him to take, and he was working through agents to do this. I was shown that he must continue to publish, and that the Lord would sustain him (ibid., p. 281).

So the Second Advent Review and Sabbath Herald continued to come from the press one or two issues a month until number 13 was put out on June 9, 1851. This closed the first volume, and the Whites terminated their stay in Paris.

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