The Volney Conference

August 1848

On Friday, August 18, about 35 people gathered in the Arnold barn in Volney, New York, to hear the leading workers. Hardly two agreed on doctrines. Each was strenuous for his or her views, declaring that they were according to the Bible. In vision, her accompanying angel presented before Ellen some of the errors of those present, and also the truth in contrast with their errors.

But there was more to it than that. To these people with divergent views-people who had not seen Ellen White before-the Lord gave very convincing evidences beyond the fact that she was shown by the angel the truth in contrast with their errors: Ellen, while in vision, arose to her feet and took the family Bible upon her left arm. While holding it thus, her eyes looking upward and in an opposite direction from the Bible, with her right hand she would turn from text to text, placing her finger on the text, and would repeat the same. In every case she not only repeated the texts to which she pointed, but she did so while her eyes were fastened upward and in an opposite direction from the Bible.

Ellen White summed up the outcome in two sentences: "Our meeting ended victoriously. Truth gained the victory" (2SG, p. 99).

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