Elder Lewis H. Ells | Notes unter the article from Aug. 9, 1923: Lewis Henry Ell...

Elder Lewis H. Ells | Notes unter the article from Aug. 9, 1923: Lewis Henry Ells was born at Conneaut-ville, Pa., March 21, 1836; and died at College Place, Wash., May 22, 1923.

His early childhood was spent in the State of New York, but at the age of eleven he with hi» parents moved to Wisconsin, where he grew to manhood. New Year's Day, 1861, he was united in marriage with Miss Mary A. Farrar, of Kingston, Wis. The year following he moved to Minnesota, and settled near the town of Kenyon. Soon after this he heard the third angel's message, and embraced it with all his heart, casting in his lot with the advent people. The advent message so filled his heart that he felt he must be doing something to warn the people of the soon coming of the Lord. In 1867 he raised up a company of Sabbath keepers, and was ordained a» their elder. He soon felt called to preach the gospel, and in May, 1872, received b» first license to preach. A short time after this he wa6 ordained to the gospel ministry^ and was always true and faithful to the charge. He was one of that company of stanch and true ministers who suffered hardship* and privations while pioneering for the truth in the great State of Minnesota. By 1901. the rigorous climate of those Northern States had so affected his constitution that his health failed, and he found it necessary to seek another climate; so he came weat to Idaho, where he rested from active labor for a time. About fifteen years ago ^»* Lord graciously healed His servant, and with health restored, he again took up acti** labor, and spent several years in the field" In 1912 he was called upon to part with his companion, who had so jjobly stood pT hi6 side in all his labors, encouraging ni» by her faithful and earnest life. Her death was the greatest sorrow of his life. 1*** years that passed were very lonely, although his children did all in their power to »&a** his life pleasant and happy. When his'STU"-mons came, he was ready and waiting.-a** fell peacefully asleep without a strugtf*** Tt could be said of him, " A sheaf of wheat fully ripe, ready for the garner of God.** ■ A. J. Breed.


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