Healing Broken Relationships

  • Reading Story—"Sued for Kindness" After Mrs. White raised her two nieces, Addie and May, their father re-appeared on the scene (after the girls are college-age) and decided to sue her for $25,000 on the charge of stealing his daughters' affections!
  • Audio Story—"The Last Sunset" As James and Ellen White traveled back to Battle Creek after a weekend evangelistic meeting in Charlotte, Michigan, James complained of a pain in his legs. A few days later he suffered severe chills. Soon Ellen also was sick, and they were both taken to the sanitarium where they were diagnosed with malarial fever. Ellen grew better, but James continued to get worse. On August 6, 1881, James lapsed into a coma, and later that evening passed away. Ellen was stricken with grief, but a week later, at her husband's funeral, She spoke of the day when their broken family would be reunited. She looked forward to the day when they would gather around the great white throne in heaven.
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