East Adventist Academy / Academia Regional Adventista del Este (Rio Grande, PR)

A coeducational nonresident secondary school located in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, operated by the East Puerto Rico Conference. It was opened in 1964 as the Rio Grande School. Jenny Perez, the wife of the local pastor, directed the two-room 30-student school. By 1966, 60 students were enrolled, and Dora Gomez served as principal. In 1970 a new school was built on a large piece of land purchased by funds contributed by an anonymous donor. The two-story building housed 10 grades and 200 students. In 1979 eleventh and twelfth grades were added. In 1993 the school had 14 teachers and 317 students in grades K-12. Principals: Hermino Garcia, Eli Toro, Jose Leer, Neftali Garcia, Otoniel Cabrera, Edith Perez, Eleuterio Ortega, Carlos Molina, Luis Gomez, Carlos Capote.

From the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia. Published with permission from the Review and Herald Publishing Association.

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