Hamburg Publishing House / Saatkorn-Verlag GmbH (Hamburg, DE)

A publishing institution composed of five legal companies: Advent-Verlag GmbH, ES-TE-A, Saatkorn-Verlag GmbH, Grindeldruck GmbH, and Dr. med. Schneider GmbH. All are under one manager. The plant is situated in Hamburg, Germany. The house publishes Seventh-day Adventist books and the following periodicals in German: Adventecho (“Advent Echo”; prior to 1973, Der Adventbote [“Advent Messenger”]; prior to 1920, Zions-Wächter [“Watchman of Zion”]); Besser Leben (“Better Living”); Sabbath school lesson quarterlies for children, juniors, and seniors; and Zeichen der Zeit (“Signs of the Times”; prior to 1973, Ruf in die Zeit [“Message for Our Time”]; prior to 1959, Herold der Wahrheit [“Messenger of Truth”]). The publishing house at Hamburg grew out of a branch of the ...

From the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia. Published with permission from the Review and Herald Publishing Association.

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