Health and Knowledge Secondary School / Colegio Salud y Saber (Tijuana, MX)

An educational institution located in Tijuana, Mexico. It began operation in 1949, and by 1958 was offering both kindergarten and elementary classes. During the 1970s the school operated at the preparatory level under the name Omega Preparatory School. In the early 1980s the school was known as Tijuana Secondary School; it present name was adopted in 1983. In 1993 the school served 20 area churches. Principals: Paula de Quijada, 1949-?; Tomas Ortega, 1958-1960; Apolonio Díaz, 1960-1966; Dina Barceló, 1966-1968; Rodolfo Bracamontes, 1968-1971; Ramón Aguilar, 1971-1975; Enoc Márquez, 1975; Isaías Medrano, 1976; Nohemí Soto, 1977-1978; Danie Suárez, 1978-1979; Atanasio Soto, 1980-1981; Abel Alvarez, 1981-1982; Hermelinda Quijada, 1983-1986; Adán Velázquez, 1988-1991; Daniel Cortés, ...

From the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia. Published with permission from the Review and Herald Publishing Association.

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