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A federal republic in southeastern Asia situated on the Indian peninsula. It is bordered by Pakistan on the west, China, Nepal, and Bhutan on the north, and Myanmar on the east. Its eastern part surrounds Bangladesh on three sides. India is the world’s second most populous country, with a population (1994) of about 920 million. In area, 1.2 million square miles (3.2 million square kilometers), it is the seventh-largest country in the world and is about one third of the area of the 50 states of the United States. India is divided topographically into three regions. Along its northern border are the Himalayan Mountains, the highest in the world; immediately south of them lies the great plain formed by the valleys of the Indus, the Ganges, and the Brahmaputra rivers; and to the south of thi...

From the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia. Published with permission from the Review and Herald Publishing Association.

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