Juliaca Adventist Clinic / Clínica Adventista de Juliaca (Juliaca, PE)

A 21-bed general hospital owned and operated by the Inca Union Mission in Juliaca, department of Puno, in southeastern Peru. This was the first medical institution operated by Seventh-day Adventists in the Inca Union. Seventh-day Adventist medical work in the highlands of Peru and Bolivia was started by F. H. Stahl, a missionary nurse, who went to this region in 1911 and worked there for many years. In 1922 Dr. S. Theron Johnston made his headquarters at the Platería Mission, and was the first SDA physician to enter the Lake Titicaca area. On Mar. 21, 1923, he rented a house in Juliaca, a more accessible center than the mission, and opened a small hospital. At that time the Southern Railway, one of Peru’s two principal railway systems, made a contract with him to be its company doctor. ...

From the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia. Published with permission from the Review and Herald Publishing Association.

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