Kien Khuong Maternity Home (VN)

A medical institution operated from 1940 to 1961, part of the time by the Vietnam Mission. It was situated for about a year in Phnom Penh, French Indochina (now the capital of Cambodia), thereafter for 20 years in Cholon, a suburb of Saigon, Vietnam. It was opened in Phnom Penh under the direction of Mrs. Robert Bentz and Mrs. Chen Keng Huy, with 20 beds and 15 workers, including three midwives and three students. It carried its name over the entrance in four languages—French, Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Chinese. The maternity clinic averaged 100 deliveries a month until war broke out in Southeast Asia and the Bentzes were forced to leave Phnom Penh for Saigon. In the fall of 1941 the clinic was reestablished in Cholon, Vietnam. During the war years when all outside income was cut off, th...

From the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia. Published with permission from the Review and Herald Publishing Association.

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