WS and Tokelau Islands

A group of nine islands in the South Pacific about 4,800 miles (7,700 kilometers) southwest of San Francisco and 1,600 miles (2,600 kilometers) northeast of New Zealand, known as Western Samoa, and a group of seven islands, southeast of Western Samoa, known as American Samoa. The islands are small, with Western Samoa containing an area of 1,100 square miles (2,850 square kilometers), with the highest peak rising more than 6,000 feet (1,800 meters) on Savai’i Island. The seven eastern islands—Tutuila, Manua group, Rose Island, and Swains Island—compose American Samoa, which contains an area of 76 square miles (200 square kilometers). The climate is tropical and pleasant, with an annual rainfall of between 100 and 200 inches (250-500 centimeters). The islands are volcanic in origin. To...

From the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia. Published with permission from the Review and Herald Publishing Association.

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