Edward Irving

(1792-1834). Scottish minister in London, a popular and eloquent preacher on the prophecies. A Presbyterian, he was expelled from his pulpit in 1832 for his unorthodox teachings and founded the “Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.” However, this church soon went to extremes that brought him discredit, though he was always respected personally as a devout Christian. He participated in the interdenominational Albury Conferences (1826-1830) and Powerscourt Conferences (1830 and later), for the study of prophecy, out of which grew the modern futurist type of premillennialism. Between 1826 and 1832 he preached in both England and Scotland, and drew large crowds to hear his sermons on the Second Advent. Although his views on the events connected with the Second Advent were vastly different from ...

From the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia. Published with permission from the Review and Herald Publishing Association.

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