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Thomas Preble

(1810-1907). Author, scholar, Free Will Baptist minister of New Hampshire, and Millerite preacher. He was born in Anson, Maine, and in due time became a preacher and pastor. On Nov. 14, 1837, he married Helen M. Eaton, a farm girl from Weare, New Hampshire. While serving a Free Will Baptist church in Nashua, New Hampshire, he was brought into contact with William Miller. From that day he became a devout student of prophecy, and later a lifelong advocate of the “blessed hope.” On Feb. 15, 1842, he was excommunicated from the church in Nashua for his Advent preaching activities. In September 1842 Preble was one of the speakers at a camp meeting in eastern Maine attended by young James White. He accepted the Sabbath in the middle of 1844 (perhaps from Mrs. Rachel Oakes or someone else in ...

From the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia. Published with permission from the Review and Herald Publishing Association.