Apples of Gold Library

(1893–1915; monthly until October 1899, then quarterly; after 1903 irregular; PPPA ; partial files at AU , LLU , LSU , PUC , R&H , UC , CoUC). A series of small pamphlets (4 to 32 pages) dealing with health, temperance, religious liberty, and doctrine designed as helps to personal evangelism. The small size—31/2" x 6" (8.9 cm. x 15.2 cm.)—made it possible to enclose the pamphlets with personal correspondence. There were 97 titles in this series. It was listed in the Yearbooks up to 1908 as a periodical and afterward only as a collection of tracts. It was discontinued in 1915. Some of its titles, such as “How Esther Read Her Bible,” were included in other series. Among those serving on the editorial committee were M. C. Wilcox, W. N. Glenn, C. M. Snow, O. A. Tait, M. H. Brown, H. ...

From the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia. Published with permission from the Review and Herald Publishing Association.