(1985– ; monthly; R&H ; March 1995 circulation, 11,043; file in R&H ). A 32-page paper for adult church leaders. Celebration was formally introduced the fourth quarter of 1984 as a pilot publication to fill a need for “caring church” adult Sabbath school program helps. Regular monthly publication as the published voice of the NAD church ministries committee began in 1985. Celebration nurtures adult local church leaders, providing program helps, resources, instructional material, and networking opportunities that fulfill the paper’s motto: “Meeting Needs, Empowering Members, Sharing the Gospel.” Editors: Harold Baasch, 1985; Ginger Church (assistant), 1986; R. R. Watts, 1986–1988; Ginger Church (managing), 1989; Jack Calkins, 1989–1995; Faith Crumbly (managing), 1995– .

From the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia. Published with permission from the Review and Herald Publishing Association.