Hope Within the Veil

(1845; weekly; Portland, Maine). An Adventist (not Sabbatarian) journal begun about June 1, 1845 (the second number was issued June 23), by C. H. Pearson (brother of John Pearson, Jr., editor of the Hope of Israel ) and Emily C. Clemons. Late in August the first issue of the second volume was stopped in midprinting because the editor and publisher (and also the chief printer, W. H. Hyde) abandoned their belief that the parable of the Bridegroom had any application to the 1844 experience; they reverted to the majority view of the Advent Herald party. In that unfinished issue was O.R.L. Crosier’s second article on the sanctuary doctrine ( Day-Star 7:50, Oct. 11, 1845)-either the article that was printed in the Day-Star as an Extra in February 1846, or a shorter draft of this article preced...

From the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia. Published with permission from the Review and Herald Publishing Association.