Number of the Beast

The cryptic number 666 or, in some ancient manuscripts, 616 ( Rev. 13:18 ). It is declared to be “the number of a man” (or “a human number,” RSV ), “the number of the beast,” and “the number of his name” ( Rev. 13:17 , 18 ; 15:2 ). The reader “who has understanding” is invited to “reckon the number of the beast” ( Rev. 13:18 , RSV ), and the saved are declared in Rev. 15:2 to be those “that had gotten the victory over the beast, . . . and over the number of his name.” Seventh-day Adventist Views. In 1836 William Miller proposed that the first beast of Rev. 13 be interpreted as pagan Rome, and the second beast as papal Rome. The “number of the [first]beast” he took to be a time period of 666 years, during which the power of pagan Rome was exercised over the p...

From the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia. Published with permission from the Review and Herald Publishing Association.