Seven Last Plagues

The designation in Rev. 15:1 for the fearful judgments ( v. 4 ) of God upon perversely impenitent sinners in the last days, in which it is said that the “wrath of God” is “filled up.” The seven last plagues are introduced in Rev. 15 and described one after another in Rev. 16 . What John was shown with respect to these plagues is said to be “another sign [Gr. seµmeion] in heaven” Rev. 15:1 ; cf. Rev. 12:1 , 3 ). It was a symbolic enactment in which seven angels were represented as pouring the plagues from seven bowls, or “vials” ( Rev. 15:7 ). The first plague consisted of a virulent and incurable sore. The second and third rendered useless the salt and fresh waters of the earth. The fourth subjected the earth to intense heat and was followed by the fifth, utter darkness. T...

From the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia. Published with permission from the Review and Herald Publishing Association.