Seventh-Day Adventist Languate Institutes, Korea

A network of 15 language institutes throughout South Korea, offering conversational English, Japanese, Russian, and Bible, operated by the Korean Union Conference. Dean Hubbard established the first institute in September 1969 in Seoul, and a second in Pusan in 1971. Maurice Bascom, who originated Adventist English Language Institutes in the Far East, opened the third in Kwangju in 1973. David Scofield added three more: Young Dong, Taegu, and Taejeon. Since Han Sang Woo became director in 1986, nine institutes have been added: Nam Young, Suhmyun, Incheon, Chun Cheon, Chungu, Cheju, Shil Lin Cheon Ju, and Taegunambu. A Korean director manages the general operation of the institutes, while Western missionaries oversee the curriculum and other volunteer concerns. In 1993, 113 volunteers from ...

From the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia. Published with permission from the Review and Herald Publishing Association.