Southern Tidings

(1907– ; 1907–1910 as Report of Progress; 1910–1932 as Southern Union Worker; merged with Field Tidings to become Southern Tidings; monthly; file in GC ). Official organ of the Southern Union Conference of the North American Division. In 1909, after the Southeastern Union Conference was formed, a new union paper, Field Tidings, began to be issued. At the reorganization of the unions into the Southern Union Conference in 1932, Southern Tidings came out, its first issue, Mar. 23, as vol. 24, No. 12, apparently regarded at the time as the continuation of Field Tidings, which had ended with vol. 24, No. 11, the preceding week. However, the 1942 volume of Southern Tidings was numbered 36 (omitting 34 and 35), as it would properly be if treated as a continuation of the Southern Union Worke...

From the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia. Published with permission from the Review and Herald Publishing Association.