The sacred, personal name of God, for which the KJV generally substitutes Lord. Four times this version has “Jehovah” ( Ex. 6:3 ; Ps. 83:18 ; Isa. 12:2 ; 26:4 ). “Jehovah” is a transliteration of the form of the name produced when the Jewish scholars called Masoretes, a few centuries after Christ, added the vowel sounds of the Hebrew word ’adônay, “lord” or “sir,” to the original form of the word, which consisted of the Hebrew consonants YHWH, thought to have been pronounced Yahweh. The Jews considered the name YHWH so sacred that they would not pronounce it even when reading the Scriptures, lest they inadvertently profane the name of the Lord. Instead of Yahweh , they read ’ Adônay . Thus the true pronunciation of YHWH had been lost centuries before the time of the M...

From the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia. Published with permission from the Review and Herald Publishing Association.