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A Call to Stand Apart. Chapter 17

Authority of Scripture cuts through the maze of modern and post-modern ambivalence to identify the authority of Scripture. Nothing energizes the mind and strengthens the intellect more than study of the Word of God. The Bible is God's voice, speaking to the heart and mind of every young Christian.

A Call to Stand Apart. Chapter 16

Careers expands on "life's purpose" through a discussion of what motivates career choices. There is value in an education that acquires scientific knowledge and literary attainments, but goodness and character are the most essential outcomes. The goal of true education is service.

A Call to Stand Apart. Chapter 15

Social Justice demonstrates Ellen White's powerful calls for social justice and acts of compassion for those who have the least in society. To youth looking for meaning in life amid the increasing discrepancy between "haves" and "have nots," this chapter has particular relevance.

A Call to Stand Apart. Chapter 14

Wellness discusses the benefits of healthy choices through the narrative of Daniel and his friends in the court of Babylon. The extraordinary success of Daniel and his colleagues demonstrates what God will do for every young person who seeks Him with the whole heart, remaining self controlled and focused by the power of God.

A Call to Stand Apart. Chapter 13

Relationships uses two letters from Ellen White addressed to specific youth to show Scriptural principles that guide relationships between young men and young women. Here Ellen White's style is more suggestive than prescriptive, and shows her proclivity toward persuasion rather than coercion.

A Call to Stand Apart. Chapter 12

How to Handle Doubts and Confusion centers on ways to overcome doubts about God and secure assurance of personal salvation. The Christian's approach to Scripture is one of faith and reason, rather than centered on feeling or emotion. Some perplexities may not be fully resolved until eternity.

A Call to Stand Apart. Chapter 11

Grand Resurrection relates the wonder of Christ's resurrection and His evangelistic commission to Mary and to every disciple. To the believer, Christ is both resurrection and life—a theme to be shared everywhere by the Holy Spirit's power.

A Call to Stand Apart. Chapter 10

Cruel Crucifixion recounts the pathos of the crucifixion event, including Christ's forgiveness in the face of agony. It describes the separation from His Father and the weight of guilt from the world's sins. He suffered so that every young person could one day experience the joy of heaven.

A Call to Stand Apart. Chapter 9

Preparing to Die is the first part of a trilogy on the passion of Christ. The focus is on Gethsemane and the alienation Christ felt from His Father and friends for choosing to sacrifice Himself—so that every person would have the opportunity to accept eternal life.

A Call to Stand Apart. Chapter 8

How to Have Faith is a short essay on what faith is and how to obtain it. There is particular emphasis on freedom from guilt and the peace God offers every believing, repentant young Christian.

A Call to Stand Apart. Chapter 7

How to Pray describes the elements of conversation between God and the young disciple (prayer). The chapter expands the concepts of the privilege of prayer, and outlines the conditions of answered prayer.

A Call to Stand Apart. Chapter 6

The Answer Lies in the Soul traces correlations between the experience of the sower planting seed and the life of a person exposed to gospel truth. The young Christian is given specific factors that help "grow" the spiritual life, as well as conditions that stunt spiritual growth.

A Call to Stand Apart. Chapter 5

When Doing Everything Right Isn't Enough unpacks the story of the rich young ruler in ways that reveal the story's theological implications. Here lie answers to life's most important question, What can I do to have eternal life?

A Call to Stand Apart. Chapter 4

You Can Come Home Anytime puts the story of the prodigal son into language specifically chosen to help youth recognize the futility of a life separated from God. The concluding paragraph is an appeal to return to Jesus, regardless of the "mess" of one's present circumstances.

A Call to Stand Apart. Chapter 3

Jesus' Ministry Begins With a Party focuses on Christ's first act in public ministry, the marriage in Cana where He turned water into wine, and clarifies the symbolism of various elements linked to Christ's first miracle.

A Call to Stand Apart. Chapter 1&2

Beginnings; Jesus as a Young Child and Adult is an overview of Jesus' origins and His life as a child and teen. Parallels are drawn to Christ's experience and the experience of youth today. Particular emphasis is given to Jesus' developing character and His recognition of the value of every person.

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