1. 1. The Organization of the Publishing Work

    adopted. Officers for the association were chosen as follows: President, James White Vice President, G. W. Amadon Secretary, E. S. Walker Treasurer, Uriah Smith Auditor, J. N. Loughborough James White was elected editor of the ...
    23. May 1861
  2. 2. Organization of the California Conference

    a membership of 238. J. N. Loughborough was elected president; S. B. Bresee, also of Santa Rosa, secretary; and ... The California state meeting was held February 14-18, in Bloomfield, and of course the Whites ... we were favored in our deliberations and meetings with the presence of Brother and Sister White ...
    14. February 1873
  3. 3. Going to Dansville

    persons: Elder James White and wife, Elder J. N. Loughborough, Sr., M. F. Maxson, and the editor of the ... Amadons, and the M. J. Cornells (ibid., Nov. 7, 1865). Having spent a few weeks at "Our Home" in Dansville, New York, during the past year, Ellen White was convinced of the value of water as one of God's ...
    18. August 1865
  4. 4. A Desperate Need

    White was incapacitated by illness. But he was not the only one. Because of their poor health, Elders J. N. Loughborough, D. T. Bourdeau, A. S. Hutchins, J. B. Frisbie, and John Byington had been doing ... As early as the Whites' first visit to Dansville, Ellen had been impressed with the ...
    17. April 1866
  5. 5. The Conference

    and E. S. Walker, treasurer. James White was first unanimously elected to the presidency, but he thought it best to let another carry that responsibility. Byington would be joined by J. N. Andrews and G. ...
    20. May 1863
  6. 6. The Two Papers Combined

    masthead carried four names as the Publishing Committee (Joseph Bates, S. W. Rhodes, J. N. Andrews, and James White), and the subscription terms were "gratis, except the reader desires to aid in its ...
    16. November 1850
  7. 7. The 1880 General Conference

    General Conference session with its election of officers and committees, the White household experienced ... General Conference, James White was in the chair. Twenty delegates were present, and by vote of the ... Butler For secretary, Uriah Smith For treasurer, Mrs. M. J. Chapman For ...
    28. September 1880


The Organization of the Publishing Work

Organization of the California Conference

Going to Dansville

A Desperate Need

The Conference

The Two Papers Combined

The 1880 General Conference