1. 76. General Conference (Washington, D.C., Maryland, US)

    J. N. Andrews, 1867-1869; James White, 1869-1871; G. I. Butler, 1871-1874; James White, 1874-1880; G. ... Ralph Thompson, 1980- . Treasurers: E. S. Walker, 1863-1865; I. D. Van Horn, 1865-1868; J. N. ... International/Griggs University. Also in the General Conference headquarters are the office of the Ellen G. White ...
    Takoma Park
    Washington, D.C., MD 20012
    United States
  2. 77. Oakwood College (Huntsville, Alabama, US)

    the first principal, Solon M. Jacobs, of Iowa, in April 1896, J. J. Mitchell, of California, and Grant ... faculty consisted of H. S. Shaw, A. F. Hughes, Hattie André, former missionary teacher on Pitcairn Island, ... of achievement in any assignment faithfully performed. At the end of the first school year, H. S. ...
    Huntsville, AL
    United States
  3. 78. Pitcairn Island

    Headquarters: Pitcairn Island. Seventh-day Adventist Work. In 1876 James White and J. N. Loughborough sent ... weeks on Pitcairn and persuaded the islanders to keep the seventh-day Sabbath. In 1888 A. J. Cudney set ... several missionaries aboard, including J. I. Tay. During a three-week stay, E. H. Gates and A. J. Read ...
    Pitcairn Island
  4. 79. The Daily

    letter to J. E. White, June 1, 1910, in White Archives, Ellen G. White Estate, Inc.). According to A. G. ... Daniel in German (see W. C. White letter to J. E. White, June 1, 1910, in White Archives). Conradi’s ... Opening Heavens , p. 31), so did J. N. Andrews in 1853 ( Review and Herald 3:145, Feb. 3, 1853; cf. p. ...
  5. 80. Camp Meeting

    which both James White and Joseph Bates, early leaders of the SDA Church, had participated, and in ... execution” ( Review and Herald 31:356, May 26, 1868). Two months later, in an editorial, James White set the ... Oct. 2, 1872, in Windsor, California. Present were J. N. Loughborough, M. E. Cornell, and James and ...
  6. 81. Union Springs Academy (Union Springs, New York, US)

    S. Field, 1930-1931; K. A. Wright, 1931-1936; W. A. White, 1936-1937; V. H. Campbell, 1937-1940; E. ... R. M. Mote, 1951-1953; A. Orville Dunn, 1953-1954; M. E. Moore, 1954-1959; J. M. Davis, 1959-1963; F. S. Sanburn, 1963-1965; O. E. Torkelson, 1965-1970; N. E. Evans, 1970-1973; R. H. Hoffmann, 1973-1976; ...
    Union Springs, NY
    United States
  7. 82. Arkansas-Louisiana Conference (Sheverport, Louisianna, US)

    treasurer; and W. J. Kerr. A camp meeting was held at Rogers, Aug. 20-27, 1889. Ellen G. White attended ... Watkins, E. S. Abbott, Solomon Broussard, J. R. Hudson. Conference headquarters were in New Orleans. Office ... least 1877, when J. H. Cook held a week’s meetings at Smith Chapel, two miles (three kilometers) south ...
    7025 Greenwood Road
    United States
  8. 83. Sabbath School Department

    published in the Review and Herald or in the Yearbook were: D. M. Canright, 1878 [1879–1880?]; S. N. Haskell, 1878–1879; G. H. Bell, 1880–1881; W. C. White, 1881–1882; G. H. Bell, 1882–1883; W. C. White ... J. A. Stevens, 1936–1950; L. L. Moffitt, 1950–1958; G. R. Nash, 1958–1970; Fernon Retzer, 1970–1974. ...
  9. 84. Mount Pisgah Academy (North Carolina, US)

    1961-1964; J. A. Shepard, 1964-1968; R. Tyson, 1968-1970; S. Crook, 1970-1971; G. de Leon, 1971-1974; R. L. ... harmony with Ellen G. White’s instructions regarding the establishment of such institutions. The group ... California containing a personal check for $50 from W. C. White, sent to E. C. Waller at the direction of his ...
    United States
  10. 85. Missouri Conference (Kansas City, Missouri, US)

    Ellen White, J. H. Kellogg, S. N. Haskell, and R. M. Kilgore delivered stirring messages to the ... reunite the separate organizations into one unit, with the conference office at Clinton. J. S. Rouse was ... Jones, 1882-1889; R. S. Donnell, 1889-1892; W. S. Hyatt, 1892-1896; W. A. Hennig, 1896-1900; J. M. Rees, ...
    8540 Blue Ridge Blvd
    Kansas City, MO 64138
    United States
  11. 86. Great Britain (England) and Northern IE (GB)

    fields within the British Union was reorganized in 1928. In 1896 J. S. Washburn baptized 47 converts ... four months reported 10 persons keeping the seventh-day Sabbath. In response to his appeal for help, J. ... that same summer J. N. Andrews assisted Loughborough. A national Tract and Missionary Society was ...
    United Kingdom
  12. 87. Pennsylvania Conference (Reading, Pennsylvania, US)

    J. S. Shrock, and tent meetings were held in Bethlehem by Reis, Shrock, and a couple named Trump. In ... Snyder was appointed to act as state agent in the interest of the canvassing work. At Reading, J. S. ... began as early as 1851, when Hiram Edson and J. N. Andrews in July went into Potter County and also ...
    720 Museum Road
    Reading, PA 19611
    United States
  13. 88. Potomac Conference (Staunton, Virginia, US)

    then had a membership of 41. J. S. Washburn and Charles L. Taylor held several series of evangelistic ... than three to one. In the spring of 1902 both a White and a Black evangelist (J. S. Washburn and L. C. ... congregations. Thus the Second Seventh-day Adventist Church of Washington was organized by J. S. Washburn with ...
    606 Greenville Ave.
    Staunton, VA
    United States
  14. 89. Sabbath School Publications

    and variations. The first Sabbath school lessons were written by James White. He published the first ... monthly issue was delayed until October because, beginning on Aug. 20, White spent more than a month on ... Review and Herald 62:87, Feb. 10, 1885), the tradition had arisen that on this trip White wrote the first ...
  15. 90. Signs of the Times (Nampa, Idaho)

    month. Editors: James White, 1874–1881; J. H. Waggoner, 1881–1886; E. J. Waggoner, 1886–1891; M. C. ... later dropped from the title) was founded as a weekly in 1874 at Oakland, California, by James White ... a vacation in the Rockies, White had conceived the idea of issuing a publication on the Pacific Coast similar ...
  16. 91. Christian Record Services, Inc. (CRS)

    1902–1904; L. N. Muck, E. T. Russell, A. W. George, J. S. Hart, 1905–1907; B. E. Huffman, E. T. Russell, C. N. Roberts, J. S. Hart, 1908–1909; C. N. Miller, 1909–1911; L. N. Muck, Mrs. L. N. Muck, Mrs. A. O. ... Desire of Ages , by Ellen G. White, and Alone With God , by Matilda Andross, were recorded as talking ...
  17. 92. Minnesota Conference (St. Paul 4, Minnesota, US)

    in October 1869. James and Ellen White and J. N. Andrews were present. In that conference John ... December 1918 as a result of a series of meetings by S. White and H. Christianson. Between 1920 and 1930 ... the spring of 1860 at St. Charles by William S. Ingraham under discouraging circumstances. Eighteen of ...
    1854 Roblyn Avenue
    St. Paul 4, MN
    United States
  18. 93. WS and Tokelau Islands

    Reye, J. F. Strange, S. T. Leeder, W. W. Petrie, J. T. Howse, H. A. Dickens, H. B. Christian, R. W. Taylor, J. R. Dobson, G. Helsby, I. W. White, D. I. Jenkins, F. W. Pearce, D. E. Hay, M. M. Kennaway, and ... Samoa Adventist College. Seventh-day Adventist Work. Ellen White visited Apia Nov. 27, 1891, on her way ...
    WS and Tokelau Islands
  19. 94. Oregon Conference

    three miles (five kilometers) north of Salem. J. N. Loughborough and Ellen White were guest speakers at ... Conference: F. S. Bunch, 1910-1914; T. G. Bunch, 1914-1916; H. G. Thurston (acting), 1916; J. A. Rippey, 1916-1922; J. T. Jacobs, 1922; A. V. Rhoads, 1922-1925; J. S. Rouse, 1925-1927; T. B. Westbrook, 1927-1932 ...
    Oregon Conference
  20. 95. AU (AU)

    later organized. W. C. White was elected president; A. G. Daniells, vice president; and L. J. Rousseau, ... be named S. N. Haskell, who led the pioneering party to Australia and New Zealand; J. O. Corliss and ... Pacific mission fields the names of G. H. Gates, J. M. Cole, E. S. Butz, J. E. Fulton, and G. F. Jones are ...
  21. 96. Wyoming Conference (US)

    territory of Wyoming was part of it. As early as 1893 J. D. Pegg reported having “visited the little company ... literature for use in their missionary activity. In the same year tent meetings held by G. O. States and J. ... S. Ferren to Sheridan, where they held what probably was the first tent meeting in northern Wyoming. ...
    United States
  22. 97. Golden Gate Academy (Oakland, California, US)

    1938-1942; E. J. Henning, 1942-1943; W. B. Amundsen, 1943-1948; P. G. Wipperman, 1948-1949; P. G. Wipperman and J. D. Hardt, 1949-1950; S. W. Johnson, 1950-1952; F. D. Fisher, 1952-1956; D. M. Warren, ... of a printing press, and the adoption of girls’ uniforms of blue skirts and white middy blouses with ...
    3800 Mountain Boulevard
    Oakland, CA
    United States
  23. 98. Mount Ellis Academy (Montana, US)

    admonition of Ellen White to locate boarding schools in the country, the conference committee secured 20 ... J. L. Jones, 1905-1907; K. R. Haughey, 1907-1908; W. A. Gosmer, 1908-1911; L. B. Ragsdale, 1911-1914; ... 1923-1925; N. W. Dunn, 1925-1927; H. C. Klement, 1927-1929; Charles Behrens, 1929-1930; H. S. Hanson, ...
    United States
  24. 99. Maritime Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (Moncton, New Brunswick, CA)

    1917-1922; E. M. Chapman, 1922-1923; F. W. Stray, 1924-1932; W. A. Clemenson, 1933-1936; S. G. White ... colporteurs sold 1,400 copies of Bible Readings there. The next year H. W. Cottrell and R. S. Webber held ... SDA colporteur, A. J. Rice, won the first converts in Moncton and Saint John. Mary Ann Clary is ...
    Box 825
    Moncton, NB
  25. 100. City Missions

    These were, as J. H. Waggoner said, quite in contrast with what were (and are) generally known as city ... S. N. Haskell, who promoted these evangelistic missions, described their function as a center for ... the investment of money and effort in these missions that Ellen White warned against overinvesting in ...


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The Daily

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Sabbath School Department

Mount Pisgah Academy (North Carolina, US)

Missouri Conference (Kansas City, Missouri, US)

Great Britain (England) and Northern IE (GB)

Pennsylvania Conference (Reading, Pennsylvania, US)

Potomac Conference (Staunton, Virginia, US)

Sabbath School Publications

Signs of the Times (Nampa, Idaho)

Christian Record Services, Inc. (CRS)

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WS and Tokelau Islands

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Mount Ellis Academy (Montana, US)

Maritime Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (Moncton, New Brunswick, CA)

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