1. 101. Health and Temperance Missionary School

    and the public in the principles of health and hygiene stemmed from Ellen G. White’s counsels in 1863 ... brought to the attention of the leaders through the counsels of Ellen G. White in the latter part of 1876. ... Hygiene. In 1877 a “School of Hygiene” was announced. S. N. Haskell wrote: “We speak in behalf of this ...
    Health and Temperance Missionary School
  2. 102. PG (PG)

    country, the history of the work will be taken sectionally. Papua. Papua was entered in 1908 by S. W. Carr ... A. N. Lock (1924), C. J. Howell ( c. 1928), and L. I. Howell (1931). On Apr. 13, 1921, veteran ... kilometers) from Port Moresby, where for a number of years the headquarters were situated. C. J. Howell was ...
    Papua New Guinea
  3. 103. Indonesia (ID)

    members of whom 12 had been baptized. Public evangelistic meetings in Java, held by J. S. Yates in a tent ... A workers’ council for Java was held on Oct. 22, 1908, with J. E. Fulton, from Singapore, presiding. ... October. P. J. Raubenheimer and his wife came from South Africa. Samuel Rantung, a Jakarta convert who had ...
  4. 104. JP (JP)

    Yokohama and Kobe. S. N. Haskell visited Japan in 1890. Writing from Hong Kong July 16, he reported, “We ... daughter of the Graingers), and S. Hasekawa, a Japanese who had attended Healdsburg College. In January ... A sanitarium was opened in Kobe on June 1, 1903, with Dr. S. A. Lockwood in charge, assisted by Dr. Kumashiro ...
  5. 105. Tanzania (TZ)

    although bereft of their White missionaries and deprived of all financial support, were not idle. S. G. ... local stations: R. T. Stein, E. Dominick, O. Wallath, J. Persson, F. Bornath, W. Seiler, Auguste Mertke, ... years. He also found that of the 277 members in 1914, 246 were still practicing SDA s. In 1926 the first ...
  6. 106. Yugoslavia

    Radoviste, Macedonia, and began to preach the SDA message. He carried on a correspondence with Ellen White and Dr. J. H. Kellogg. A young schoolteacher, Atina Dimeva, whom he interested in the SDA message, was ... interest aroused in the message, a young pioneer SDA minister, J. F. Huenergardt, was sent to Cluj in 1898. ...
  7. 107. Germany (DE)

    Germany were groups formed by J. H. Lindermann, a weaver by trade, in Elberfeld, in the vicinity of ... believers there. In 1875, the year after he arrived in Switzerland, J. N. Andrews went with Erzberger to ... churches in Germany. Later some members of the Lindermann family became SDA s. After spending five weeks ...
  8. 108. Andrews University (Berrien Springs, Michigan, US)

    James and Ellen White, voted to form an Educational Society (legally incorporated in March 1874) and to raise money for a college building. Vigorous efforts by G. I. Butler, S. N. Haskell, and others raised $54,000 in cash or pledges by the end of the year. The society, acting against the advice of the Whites ...
    Berrien Springs, MI 49104
    United States
  9. 109. South Pacific Division (Wahroonga, New South Wales, AU)

    Presidents—Australasian Union Conference: W. C. White, 1894-1897; A. G. Daniells, 1897-1901; G. A. Irwin, 1901-1905; O. A. Olsen, 1905-1909; J. E. Fulton, 1909-1916; C. H. Watson, 1916-1922; C. K. Meyers, April-June 1922. Australasian Division: J. E. Fulton, 1922-1926; C. H. Watson, 1926-1930; W. G. Turner, 1930-1936; C. H. Watson, ...
    148 Fox Valley Road
    Wahroonga NSW
  10. 110. PH (PH)

    ’s Patriarchs and Prophets and 1,000 copies of J. Edson White’s The Coming King in Spanish, and had worked only ... a colporteur and quickly became self-supporting by selling Ellen White’s Patriarchs and Prophets, J. Edson ... books. In 1906 the Australasian Union sent J. L. McElhany and his wife, who arrived in April, and worked ...
  11. 111. EG (EG)

    Egypt was the first of the Middle Eastern countries to be entered by the SDA s. Beginning sometime in ... doctrines there. About the same time, J. Leuzinger, from Italy, went to Port Said to do ship missionary ... the village of Beni Adi, near Assiut, learned about Keough, a White man who kept the Sabbath. They had ...
  12. 112. KR (KR)

    on an English trading vessel, and distributed Chinese Bibles. In 1866 Robert J. Thomas, representing ... and selling charcoal. The Bible and the books of Ellen White that had been translated into Korean were ... the mission properties. The first postwar missionaries, Ralph S. Watts, who returned as president of ...
    South Korea


Health and Temperance Missionary School


Indonesia (ID)


Tanzania (TZ)


Germany (DE)

Andrews University (Berrien Springs, Michigan, US)

South Pacific Division (Wahroonga, New South Wales, AU)