1. 101. Chesapeak Conference (CO, Maryland, US)

    became the Chesapeake Conference. Work was conducted by S. J. Hersum in Wilmington, Delaware, in 1891. In ... M. C. Kirkendall, 1915-1916; J. O. Miller, 1916-1918; A. S. Booth, 1918-1922; J. W. McCord, ... Chesapeake Bay, accompanied by H. S. Gurney. The two Adventist preachers defied the threat of being ridden ...
    6600 Martin Road
    CO, MD
    United States
  2. 102. Stanborough Press Limited (Grantham, Lincolnshire, GB)

    A. Robinson, 1889-1891; E. J. Waggoner, 1891-1902; W. T. Bartlett, 1902-1920; A. S. Maxwell, ... 1922-1925; A. S. Maxwell, 1925-1932; A. Warren, 1932-1945; J. C. Craven, 1946-1949; J. H. Craven, 1949-1964; ... J. N. Loughborough, who had arrived in Southampton, England, in 1878, had a four-page supplement ...
    United Kingdom
  3. 103. Death

    Brother Whiting last week, and the last, and again this week, and they think as do our Boston brethren, ... was Ellen G. Harmon (later Ellen G. White), who subsequently became a prominent leader and writer in ... Elder James White and His Wife, Mrs. Ellen G. White (1880) Mrs. White relates how she came to adopt the ...
  4. 104. Solusi University (ZW)

    among the White missionaries: Dr. A. S. Carmichael; G. B. Tripp; his son George, age 12; Fred Sparrow’s ... by Fred Sparrow, A. Goepp, E. J. Harvey, I. B. Burton, and J. Landesmann, arrived in Bulawayo from ... missionaries arrived with their families at the site: G. B. Tripp, superintendent, Dr. A. S. Carmichael, and W. ...
  5. 105. Department of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty (PARL)

    Eldridge, A. T. Jones, D. T. Jones, W. A. Colcord, J. O. Corliss, J. E. White, and W. H. McKee). The new ... position. Four SDA s (A. S. Maxwell, of London; Dr. J. Nussbaum, of Paris; R. A. Anderson, of Australia; and ... SDA position and authorized J. N. Andrews to interview members of the government in Washington, D.C., ...
  6. 106. Southeastern California Conference of SDA (Riverside, California, US)

    Beddoe, 1920; J. J. Nethery, 1921-1926; P. E. Brodersen, 1926-1927; Glenn A. Calkins, 1927-1930; C. S. ... Torkelsen, 1974-1976; W. D. Blehm, 1976-1979; W. C. Heintz, 1979; T. J. Mostert, Jr., 1979-1986; L. S. ... San Diego SDA s operated a restaurant, a health-food store, and treatment rooms directed by T. S. ...
    P.O. Box 7584
    Riverside, CA 92503
    United States
  7. 107. Ohio Conference (US)

    December of the same year J. N. Loughborough, also writing to James White from Milan, mentions holding five ... following the Disappointment, Ohio received considerable attention from the Millerite preachers. H. S. Case, ... Review and Herald, J. N. Andrews introduced SDA teachings in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Norwalk, and Milan, ...
    United States
  8. 108. Nebraska Conference (Lincoln, Nebraska, US)

    1889-1890; J. N. Loughborough, 1890-1891; W. B. White, 1891-1897; H. E. Robinson, 1897-1898; N. P. Nelson, 1898-1903; A. T. Robinson, 1903-1910; J. W. Christian, 1910-1914; D. U. Hale, 1914-1916; J. S. Rouse, ... this state, J. V. Weeks and his wife, came from Wisconsin and settled at Olatha in 1858. Their only ...
    4745 Prescott Avenue
    Lincoln, NE
    United States
  9. 109. Buenos Aires Publishing House (Florida, Buenos Aires, AR)

    1920-1925; M. V. Tucker, 1925-1938; J. B. Johnson, 1938-1945; F. Baer, 1945-1954; S. Alberto, 1954-1959; B. ... College, under the direction of J. W. Westphal. This plant was called Imprenta La Verdad Presente (“Present ... morals, health, diet, and the home, in addition to a number of translations of works by Ellen G. White ...
    Florida Buenos Aires
  10. 110. Malamulo Hospital (MW)

    1945-1947; S. A. Kotz, 1947-1954; J. Hay, 1948-1951; G. H. McMorland, 1954-1956; R. J. Harvey, 1956-1972; B. ... Nyasaland. In 1929 Dr. H. Erickson began to treat European patients. A small ward for Whites was completed at ... enlarged in 1945 and remodeled in 1962. Remodeling of the ward for Whites was completed in 1961. As an ...
  11. 111. Stanborough School (GB)

    a foreign language, a new program introduced in 1992. Headmasters: E. E. White, 1940-1946; A. J. Woodfield, ... Middleton, assisted by Miss L. Lewis (later Mrs. S. Bevan), with an enrollment of nine. Shortly before ... border of Stanborough Park. In 1940 E. E. White came from Newbold College to head the school and to ...
    United Kingdom
  12. 112. Pacific Union College (Angwin, California, US)

    the need for a school in the West was recognized. Ellen White urged immediate action, and on Oct. 20 a school board was named with her son W. C. White as chair. On Apr. 5, 1882, the purchase of the defunct ... warnings from Ellen White, charges were kept low to attract students (board, room, and tuition were $15 to ...
    Angwin, CA 94508
    United States
  13. 113. Literature Evangelist / Colporteur

    seventh-day Sabbath. Their ministry covered portions of Italy, Switzerland, and France. In 1879 Ellen White ... associations, to sell doctrinal books to the public through house-to-house canvassers. In 1880 Dr. J. H. Kellogg ... once had a desire to become a preacher. James White, who was skeptical of King’s abilities, requested ...
  14. 114. Hawaiian Mission Academy (Honolulu, Hawaii, US)

    school, then situated on the White property at 1417 Makiki Street, offered a full four-year high school ... Howell, 1898-1901; I. C. Colcord, 1901-1905; H. E. Giddings, 1920-1924; P. A. Webber, 1924-1925; S. C. Rockwell, 1925-1928; J. A. Simonson, 1928-1940; F. E. Rice, 1940-1945; D. J. Bieber, 1946-1949; A. W. ...
    Honolulu, HI
    United States
  15. 115. Nevada-Utah Conference (Reno, Nevada, US)

    G. Christiansen, 1913-1914; J. A. Stevens, 1914-1915; W. S. Holbrook, 1915-1918; M. A. Hollister, ... an appeal for help from the dozen Sabbathkeepers in St. Clair, the California Conference sent J. N. ... stand outside. On July 30 Ellen White spoke to some 400 people. At the close of Loughborough’s meetings ...
    1095 East Taylor Street
    Reno, NV
    United States
  16. 116. CO Adventist Academy (Washington, US)

    were John J. Clark and Nellie Clark. With the addition of a few boarding students in the fourth year, ... supporters of the school were L. D. House, a church elder; J. R. Clark and his son, John; L. F. Burdoin, ... a school enrollment of 150 students. Principals: G. E. Johnson, 1906-1908; L. G. Paap, 1908-1909; S. C. ...
    United States
  17. 117. Nigeria (NG)

    scorched wasteland as one reaches the outer fringes of the Sahara, the white-hot heart of Africa. Two large ... accompanied by two Sierra Leone workers, R. P. Dauphin and S. Morgue. Leaving his family at Lagos, he made ... organized. In 1931 Seventh-day Adventists entered the Northern Region, when J. J. Hyde, coming with his wife ...
  18. 118. New York Conference (Syracuse, New York, US)

    with Joseph Bates and James White. Later, at a conference held at Edson’s home, Bates presented the ... in September Hiram Edson published The Advent Review Extra at Port Gibson, and James White brought ... 1851, Ellen White’s first book was published at Saratoga Springs. (This 64-page pamphlet, A Sketch of ...
    4930 West Seneca Turnpike
    Syracuse, NY
    United States
  19. 119. Carolina Conference of SDA (Waynesville, North Carolina, US)

    Booth, 1933-1934; J. L. Shuler, 1934-1937; H. E. Lysinger, 1937-1943; R. S. Blackburn (acting president), ... as the Watauga church. The next year J. O. Corliss, sent by the General Conference to survey and ... through the state visiting interested groups. S. H. Kime wrote in 1882 that there was no full-time ...
    P.O. Box 971
    Waynesville, NC
    United States
  20. 120. Helderberg College (Cape, Somerset West, ZA)

    1901-1902; C. H. Hayton, 1902-1907; W. S. Hyatt, 1907; J. F. Olmstead, 1908; C. P. Crager, 1909-1915; W. E. ... half the students were non- SDA s. The college provided training in practical skills and industries ... offered) Spion Kop College, opened with J. I. Robinson as principal. Industries consisted of the farm on ...
    P.O. Mount Clair
    South Africa
  21. 121. New Zealand (NZ)

    Islands. The executive officers were W. C. White, president, A. G. Daniells, vice president. J. E. Fulton ... New Zealand, who began work there in 1814. White settlers came about 1840, the year in which New ... Missionary 1:12, December 1874). In October 1885 S. N. Haskell, an American SDA minister, came to Auckland ...
    New Zealand
  22. 122. Quebec Seventh-Day Adventist Church Conference / Fédération des Églises Adventistes du Septième Jour du Québec (Longueuil, Québec, CA)

    were carried out under the leadership of P. Moores and S. E. White, president and secretary-treasurer, ... Presidents of Quebec Conference: A. C. Bourdeau, 1880-1884; R. S. Owen, 1884-1893; J. B. Goodrich, 1893-1897; ... left the church, and 20 years later was reclaimed by L. F. Passebois. In 1890 R. S. Owen and H. E. ...
    940 Chemin Chambly
  23. 123. NO (NO)

    attended by Ellen White, her son W. C. White, O. A. Olsen, S. N. Haskell, L. R. Conradi, B. L. Whitney, S. H. Lane, William Ings, J. H. Waggoner, D. A. Robinson, and C. L. Boyd. Mrs. White spoke words of ... J. B. Jespersson came from America to assist Matteson, and later E. G. Olsen, who began work in the ...
  24. 124. Madison Institutions (Madison, Tennessee, US)

    included G. I. Butler, N. W. Allen, Mrs. S. N. Haskell, J. E. White, Mrs. E. G. White, and the owners. This ... the writings of Ellen White and of the Oberlin system had become an educational reformer, was ... Informed of their plans, Ellen White, who repeatedly had published appeals for denominational work in the ...
    Madison, TN
    United States
  25. 125. Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

    1936-1941; S. G. White, 1941-1949; H. D. Henriksen, 1949-1957; J. W. Bothe, 1957-1959; G. O. Adams, ... During this period work among the Ukrainians was initiated by J. H. Zachary and expanded by S. Demchuck ... for digging a well. Late in 1896 J. C. Foster organized the Roden church. By Dec. 31, 1899, the ...


Chesapeak Conference (CO, Maryland, US)

Stanborough Press Limited (Grantham, Lincolnshire, GB)


Solusi University (ZW)

Department of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty (PARL)

Southeastern California Conference of SDA (Riverside, California, US)

Ohio Conference (US)

Nebraska Conference (Lincoln, Nebraska, US)

Buenos Aires Publishing House (Florida, Buenos Aires, AR)

Malamulo Hospital (MW)

Stanborough School (GB)

Pacific Union College (Angwin, California, US)

Literature Evangelist / Colporteur

Hawaiian Mission Academy (Honolulu, Hawaii, US)

Nevada-Utah Conference (Reno, Nevada, US)

CO Adventist Academy (Washington, US)

Nigeria (NG)

New York Conference (Syracuse, New York, US)

Carolina Conference of SDA (Waynesville, North Carolina, US)

Helderberg College (Cape, Somerset West, ZA)

New Zealand (NZ)

Quebec Seventh-Day Adventist Church Conference / Fédération des Églises Adventistes du Septième Jour du Québec (Longueuil, Québec, CA)


Madison Institutions (Madison, Tennessee, US)

Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)