1. 126. Southern California Conference (Glendale, California, US)

    Hospital; Ventura Estates; White Memorial Medical Center. Local churches: Alhambra (Alhambra, Los Angeles ... University, Watts, White Memorial), Lynwood (Los Angeles [Tongan], South Gate [Spanish]), Mission Hills (San ... neighboring cities and towns by S. N. Haskell and his wife and Dr. Lillis Wood Starr. Later a small clinic, ...
    1535 E. Chevy Chase Dr.
    Glendale, CA 91206
    United States
  2. 127. Trindad and Tobago (TT)

    Halvorsen, C. D. Brooks, and Don Crowder, and Caribbean evangelists Peter J. Prime, Stephen Purcell, K. S. ... The first specific positive response to SDA teachings in Trinidad came through a copy of Ellen White ... made contact with persons interested in SDA teachings, including Louis J. Briggs in Princes Town, St. ...
    Trinidad and Tobago
  3. 128. Campion Academy (Loveland, Colorado, US)

    Salisbury, 1911-1913; C. L. Taylor, 1913-1915; W. A. Gosmer, 1915-1916; J. B. White, 1916-1917; D. D. Rees, ... for missionary activity. John Turner, Roy Miles, Harold M. S. Richards, John Deapen, Kenneth Gant, ... 1959-1965; William Fuchs, 1965-1974; J. A. Shepard, 1974-1976; D. W. McNutt, 1976-1978; Richard Duerksen, ...
    Loveland, CO
    United States
  4. 129. Fiji (FJ)

    on the mission vessel Pitcairn . After a few months he became ill and died. In 1895 J. M. Cole from ... were organized as a mission. In 1896 J. E. Fulton arrived in Suva and opened SDA work first at Tamavua, ... paper, the Rarama (“Light”). He also translated Ellen White’s The Great Controversy (abridged) and a book ...
  5. 130. Loma Linda University (Loma Linda, California, US)

    augmented with the Ellen White Estate Branch Office. The library is a depository for books published by the ... third and fourth years were taught at Los Angeles, at what is now the White Memorial Medical Center and ... return from Australia, Ellen White made her home at St. Helena, California, where a sanitarium had been ...
    Loma Linda, CA
    United States
  6. 131. Ordination

    expression of all present that our dear Brn. J. N. Andrews, A. S. Hutchins, and C. W. Sperry should be set ... Organization, Order, and Discipline , p. 101). To cope with this situation James White wrote an article entitled ... but it appears that even before it was published, White and some of the other leaders of the movement ...
  7. 132. Battle Creek Sanitarium (Battle Creek, Michigan, US)

    through Battle Creek. The leaders of the church, among them James White and J. N. Loughborough, decided ... Dunbar Smith, 1957-1958; William G. Simmons, 1958-1961; S. J. Ruskjer (consultant administrator), ... over by its medical director, J. H. Kellogg); from 1957 to 1974 it was operated as an SDA ...
    Battle Creek, MI
    United States
  8. 133. Adventist Review

    , 1861–1864; Uriah Smith, 1864–1869; J. N. Andrews, 1869–1870; Uriah Smith, 1870–1871; James White, 1871–1872; ... another printing house. Then, while still at Saratoga Springs, James White set forth a series of reasons ... James and Ellen White moved to Rochester, New York. There they soon rented a building, at $175 a year, ...
  9. 134. Florida Conference (Orlando, Florida, US)

    1913-1917; A. R. Sandborn, 1917-1919; C. B. Stephenson, 1919-1921; J. L. Shuler, 1921-1926; A. S. Booth, ... History. Beginnings of the Work in the Area. S. N. Haskell reported an 1873 convert (place unmentioned), ... St. Augustine and about the same number in Jacksonville. About the beginning of 1883 J. O. Corliss ...
    Box 1313
    Orlando, FL 32802
    United States
  10. 135. Boulder Memorial Hospital (Boulder, Colorado, US)

    wrote to Dr. J. H. Kellogg urging him to found a medical institution there. As a result, on Dec. 4, ... Ellen G. White’s book The Ministry of Healing . In 1905 the institution was renamed the Boulder-Colorado ... Sanitarium was operated under joint management with Porter Sanitarium at Denver, R. J. Brown managing both. ...
    Boulder, CO
    United States
  11. 136. South Africa (ZA)

    Hunt. One day in 1885 G. J. Van Druten, a Beaconsfield businessman, while driving through the town with ... keep the seventh-day Sabbath was his brother-in-law, Gert J. G. Scholtz. After winning his wife, ... farm was sold to the diamond magnates of Kimberley. Not long after this, Pieter Wessels and G. J. Van ...
    South Africa
  12. 137. Science and Religion

    schools” (Ellen White, in Review and Herald 68:737, Dec. 1, 1891). The interaction between the disciplines ... 13:28, Dec. 16, 1858; 16:49, July 3, 1860; 3SG 91 [1864]; James White, in Review and Herald 55:104, 105, ... repeatedly ( CT 425, 530; S. N. Haskell, in Review and Herald 75:366, June 7, 1898). Yet, recognizing that ...
  13. 138. South Central Conference (Nashville, Tennessee, US)

    Conference appointed a special agent, Henry S. Shaw, to superintend and foster the work among Black people. Although Shaw was a White man, he was dark enough to pass as one of the numerous fair-skinned Blacks in the ... Central territory was that made by James Edson White with his Mississippi River steamer Morning Star. With ...
    715 Young’s Lane
    Nashville, TN
    United States
  14. 139. Biblical Archaeology

    languages, such as the deciphering of Egyptian hieroglyphic script by J. François Champollion in 1822, and of ... of Hesban,” by J. Bjornar Storfjell (1983). Most of these dissertations have been published by ... the James White Library until 1982, when it moved into its own three-story building (the former ...
  15. 140. Christian Record Services, Inc. (CRS) (Lincoln, Nebraska, US)

    1902-1904; L. N. Muck, E. T. Russell, A. W. George, J. S. Hart, 1905-1907; B. E. Huffman, E. T. Russell, C. N. Roberts, J. S. Hart, 1908-1909; C. N. Miller, 1909-1911; L. N. Muck, Mrs. L. N. Muck, Mrs. A. O. ... Desire of Ages , by Ellen G. White, and Alone With God , by Matilda Andross, were recorded as talking ...
    3705 South 48th Street
    Lincoln, NE
    United States
  16. 141. Myanmar (MM)

    Gibbs, who had married A. J. Denoyer, established a girls’ school (called Taikgyi Girls’ School) that, ... the printers, and it was voted to publish Ellen White’s Steps to Christ . These were in Burmese. In ... nursing school. Four nurses were training in Shanghai. Experience and Views by Ellen White was published, ...
  17. 142. RU (RU)

    activities in those days were such leaders as A. V. Likarenko, S. P. Kulyshski, V. J. Kyarmas (replacing the ... Oltynsh, A. F. Parasej, I. S. Bondar, A. T. Shuljga, J. V. Khimenets, V. I. Prolinski, N. J. Yaruta, F. V. ... by German colonists who had emigrated from Russia to America in the 1870s and had there become SDA s. ...
  18. 143. South Dakota Conference of SDA (Watertown, South Dakota, US)

    state of South Dakota): W. B. White, 1889-1891; J. O. Johnson, 1891-1892; N. P. Nelson, 1892-1895. ... 1879, the Dakota Tract and Missionary Society was organized, with S. B. Whitney as its first president. ... used for sleeping quarters. James and Ellen White attended this meeting. Dakota Conference. The Dakota ...
    P.O. Box 36
    Watertown, SD
    United States
  19. 144. Heritage Sabbath Sermon 2018

    cannot be from God, and should be rejected.[3: J. White, in A Word to the "Little Flock," p. ... James White stated that “the [B]ible is a perfect, and complete revelation” and “our only rule of faith and practice.” And in 1884, Ellen White added that God’s faithful end-time remnant people would ...
    20. October 2018
  20. 145. US Conference (Anchorage, US)

    Pacific Union Conference, S. J. Lashier, came during the summer of 1917 and assisted Hanson with meetings ... and S. J. Lashier, treasurer, came to Alaska at the request of Herwick to plan for mission work for ... Beavon, 1974-1977; W. L. Woodruff, 1977-1985; S. L. McPherson, 1985-1988; D. R. Watts, 1988-1991; J. L. ...
    6100 O’Malley Road
    United States
  21. 146. Texas Conference (Alvarado, Texas, US)

    In the same year James and Ellen White came to Texas, took part in a camp meeting held at Plano in ... there were 23 Scandinavian SDA s in Texas. By 1890, through the evangelism of R. M. Kilgore, W. S. Cruzan, and W. S. Hyatt, churches or groups had been organized in McKinney, Black Jack Grove, Clifton, ...
    U.S. 67 at I-35 W.
    Alvarado, TX
    United States
  22. 147. CO Union College (Takoma Park, Maryland, US)

    Daniells, W. W. Prescott, I. H. Evans, S. N. Haskell, H. W. Cottrell, S. N. Curtiss, J. E. Jayne, W. A. ... and Herald publishing house, Dec. 30, 1902). Counseled by Ellen White not to rebuild in Battle Creek, ... Washington Adventist Hospital now stand. The land was approved by Ellen White as the place for a college. ...
    Takoma Park, MD
    United States
  23. 148. KRn Samhyook Food (Panjeong-ri, Jiksan-myun, Chunan-gun, Choongchungnam-do, KR)

    listed in the Yearbook as Korean Union Seminary, reopened in September 1947, with 42 students. Ralph S. ... courses—is a recent addition to the university curricula. The E. G. White-SDA Research Center and Northern ... garden areas are features of the main campus. Principals and Presidents: Howard M. Lee, 1917-1920; J. E. ...
    Panjeong-ri, Jiksan-myun, Chunan-gun, Choongchungnam-do
    South Korea
  24. 149. North Dakota Conference (Jamestown, North Dakota, US)

    1969-1974; LeRoy J. Leiske, 1974-1975; R. S. Watts, Jr., 1975-1978; Everett Cumbo, 1978-1980; Ben Liebelt, ... Martin Olsen, worked in the Fargo area. In the summer of 1887 W. B. White, leader of the North Dakota ... Lisbon in 1887 by White and C. M. Chaffee, assisted by a colporteur, D. W. Reed, selling Thoughts on ...
    1315 Fourth Street Northeast
    Jamestown, ND
    United States
  25. 150. India (IN)

    Ellen White; Daniel and the Revelation, by Uriah Smith; From Eden to Eden, by J. H. Waggoner; Prophetic ... 1906 J. S. James was assigned to that field and in 1907 went to Bangalore to study the language. In ... into India, or when evangelism began. It is known that in 1890 S. N. Haskell and P. T. Magan crossed ...


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Trindad and Tobago (TT)

Campion Academy (Loveland, Colorado, US)

Fiji (FJ)

Loma Linda University (Loma Linda, California, US)


Battle Creek Sanitarium (Battle Creek, Michigan, US)

Adventist Review

Florida Conference (Orlando, Florida, US)

Boulder Memorial Hospital (Boulder, Colorado, US)

South Africa (ZA)

Science and Religion

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Biblical Archaeology

Christian Record Services, Inc. (CRS) (Lincoln, Nebraska, US)

Myanmar (MM)


South Dakota Conference of SDA (Watertown, South Dakota, US)

Heritage Sabbath Sermon 2018

US Conference (Anchorage, US)

Texas Conference (Alvarado, Texas, US)

CO Union College (Takoma Park, Maryland, US)

KRn Samhyook Food (Panjeong-ri, Jiksan-myun, Chunan-gun, Choongchungnam-do, KR)

North Dakota Conference (Jamestown, North Dakota, US)

India (IN)