1. 1. Henry Schuberth

    (1868-1961). Administrator. He was born into a family of well-to-do music publishers in Hamburg, Germany. Being rather frail in health, he decided to leave for the United States to become a farmer. ...
  2. 2. Otto Schuberth

    (1893-1966). Evangelist, educator, administrator. Born at College View, Lincoln, Nebraska, he attended Union College from 1908 to 1913 and then immediately began work in the office of the publishing h ...
  3. 3. Henry Franz Schuberth

    Henry Franz Schuberth ... with following description "schuberth, henry franz 1868-1961 and 1) elizabeth blass 2) christine zybach ... number, nor do we have any other folder devoted to Brother Schuberth. The listing you found (in the ...
    12 February 2002
  4. 4. Letter to Henry Franz Schuberth

    Letter to Henry Franz Schuberth ... germany. for my diploma thesis about henry franz schuberth (1868-1961), a german adventist administrator, ... g. white to henry franz schuberth about 1894. it was written from australia to hamburg, germany and ... White addressed to Schuberth. Was your source of information for this the following quote from the Words ...
    04 February 2002
  5. 5. Heinrich Böx

    (1876-1942). Leader in the publishing work in central Europe. He became a Seventh-day Adventist through the influence of his wife, née Alma Blote (they were married in 1898), who apparently had becom ...
  6. 6. Central European Division

    . Presidents: Henry F. Schuberth, 1929-1934; George W. Schubert, 1934-1938; Adolf Minck, 1938-1950; Wilhelm ...
    Central European Division
  7. 7. Marienhöhe Seminary / Schulzentrum Seminar Marienhöhe (Darmstadt, DE)

    inter-European contacts. Presidents: Otto Schuberth, 1921-1936; Heinrich Erzberger, 1936-1939; Hans Werner, ...
  8. 8. Germany (DE)

    (later Mrs. H. F. Schuberth) were sent to Berlin to do Bible and colporteur work. Soon converts were won ... In 1894 H. F. Schuberth arrived from the United States to take charge of the instruction of the 15 ... Bulgaria, and Serbia. Conradi was elected president; H. F. Schuberth, secretary; and Bertha Severin, ...


Henry Schuberth

Otto Schuberth

Henry Franz Schuberth

Letter to Henry Franz Schuberth

Heinrich Böx

Central European Division

Marienhöhe Seminary / Schulzentrum Seminar Marienhöhe (Darmstadt, DE)

Germany (DE)