Library | Ellen G. White Estate


  1. 1. College View Bakery

    United States
  2. 2. Babylon

  3. 3. Demo Location with all fields

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    194-198 Travertine Rd
    Gardiner, MT 59030
    United States
  4. 4. Elmshaven' Office (St. Helena, California, US)

    Route 1, Box 58
    St. Helena, CA
    United States
  5. 6. West Minot, Maine, US

    West Minot, ME
    United States
  6. 7. Glendale, California, US

    A. Vallejo Drive
    Glendale, CA
    United States
  7. 8. Monterey, Michigan, US

    Monterey, MI
    United States
  8. 10. Franciscoville, Michigan, US

    Franciscoville, MI
    United States
  9. 12. Battle Creek, Michigan, US

    Rt. 4, Box 411
    Battle Creek, MI
    United States
  10. 13. Grand Rapids, Michigan, US

    2045 Omena S.E.
    Grand Rapids, MI 49506
    United States
  11. 14. Dallas, Texas (Dallas, Texas, US)

    Dallas, TX
    United States
  12. 16. Hastings, New Zealand, US

    United States
  13. 17. Cape Town, ZA

    28 Roeland Street
    Cape Town
    South Africa
  14. 18. Wellton, Arizona, US

    Route 1, Box 4
    Wellton, AZ 85556
    United States
  15. 19. Berrien Springs, Michigan, US

    Beachwood Court E-45
    Berrien Springs, MI 49103
    United States
  16. 20. Battle Creek Sanitarium (Battle Creek, Michigan, US)

    A pioneer Seventh-day Adventist medical institution at Battle Creek, Michigan, in which SDA concepts of health and healing were given their first public demonstration. ...
    Battle Creek, MI
    United States
  17. 21. Adelphi, Maryland, US

    8502 Adelphi Road
    Adelphi, MD
    United States
  18. 22. The White Estate Trustees

    The White Estate Trustees
  19. 23. Washington, D.C., Maryland, US

    222 N. Capitol Street
    Washington, D.C., MD
    United States
  20. 25. Diamante, Entre Rios, AR

    Diamante Entre Rios



College View Bakery


Demo Location with all fields

Elmshaven' Office (St. Helena, California, US)

Bible Training School (South Lancaster, Massachusetts, US)

West Minot, Maine, US

Glendale, California, US

Monterey, Michigan, US

Fairhaven, Massachusetts (Fairhaven, Massachusetts, US)

Franciscoville, Michigan, US

Charles Harrison Memorial Home (Cooranbong, New South Wales, AU)

Battle Creek, Michigan, US

Grand Rapids, Michigan, US

Dallas, Texas (Dallas, Texas, US)

Ellen G. White Research Center Andrews University (Berrien Springs, Michigan, US)

Hastings, New Zealand, US

Cape Town, ZA

Wellton, Arizona, US

Berrien Springs, Michigan, US

Battle Creek Sanitarium (Battle Creek, Michigan, US)

Adelphi, Maryland, US

The White Estate Trustees

Washington, D.C., Maryland, US

University of Colorado (Colorado, US)

Diamante, Entre Rios, AR