1. 276. Charlie, the Horse

    They did have with them in Paris their horse, Charlie, and the carriage. They had a very special affection for Charlie because he had come to them in a time of great distress. ...
    November 1850
  2. 277. The Content of the Paper

    The articles that followed James White's opening editorial explanation carried such titles as "The Weekly Sabbath Instituted at Creation, and Not at Sinai"; "The Sabbath a Perpetual Weekly Memori ...
    28. July 1849
  3. 278. The Rocky Hill Conference

    After the disappointment of 1844 little companies of believers throughout New England met together from time to time to study the prophecies and compare views. ...
    20. April 1848
  4. 279. No Money to Publish

    While comfortably established with the Beldens, James again felt the burden to publish. The need to get the message to the people pressed upon him. ...
    June 1849
  5. 280. James Begins to Write

    In harmony with the vision, James White took up his pen. It required faith, as he later recalled: ...
    July 1849
  6. 281. The Paper Printed, Prepared and Mailed

    Back and forth between Rocky Hill and Middletown, James White trudged the eight miles (13 kilometers), limping at each step (from an earlier foot injury), first with copy and then with proofs. ...
    July 1849
  7. 282. Visiting the Abbeys

    Six months after the health reform vision in Otsego, Henry, 16, their oldest son, took sick with pneumonia. James and Ellen were in Brookfield, New York, visiting the Abbeys. ...
  8. 283. The Kansas Camp Meeting

    The Kansas camp meeting of 1879 opened on Thursday, May 22, and was attended by about 300 believers (MS 5, 1879), some 30 of whom drove 200 miles (320 kilometers) in their wagons to attend. ...
  9. 284. On to Emporia

    In May 1879 the Whites, together with some other Adventist fellows, were on their way from Texas to the Kansas camp meeting at Emporia. ...
    17. May 1879
  10. 285. Hurrying to Emporia

    James White had called for the Kansas camp meeting to be postponed for a week beyond the time first announced in the Review, but the Glovers had not received the word, hence had already left for ...
    18. May 1879
  11. 286. Arriving at Emporia

    At the end of the caravan experience Ellen reported to their children: I have just read your letters and cried like a child. . . . I suppose I wasbabyish, but I have been ...
    20. May 1879
  12. 287. Birth of Henry Nichols White

    The Whites were in Topsham through much of April and May while James was getting his pamphlet published in nearby Brunswick. ...
    August 1847
  13. 288. Satan Tries to Block the Spread of Truth

    As James began to publish, Ellen was given advance warning that although Satan would try to hinder, they must continue, and struggle for the victory. ...
    August 1850
  14. 289. James and Ellen Leaving for Newport

    On October 21, "having obtained a large trunk full of finished charts," the Whites left Maine for the Newport, New Hampshire, meeting by way of Boston. ...
    21. October 1863
  15. 290. Meeting Opposition

    James and Ellen White started on their eastern tour Tuesday, July 23, 1861. They spent Tuesday night with friends in Jackson, Michigan, and the next morning were on their way to Eagle Harbor, New ...
    23. July 1861
  16. 291. Organization of the California Conference

    The California state meeting was held February 14-18, in Bloomfield, and of course the Whites were there. In his report for the Review, Loughborough stated: ...
    14. February 1873
  17. 292. Calls From California Cut Short the Vacation

    In September 1872, James and Ellen White visited the Hot Sulphur Springs in Colorado with Mr. Walling. ...
    13. September 1872
  18. 293. Ellen at the Camp Meeting in Malvern, Kansas

    He assured Willie and Mary, in Oakland, that he would be on the grounds with ample preparations made, and he was, but Ellen White's train was delayed; instead of arriving on Friday, she was drive ...
    27. May 1876
  19. 294. Ellen on her Way to Attend Eastern Camp Meetings

    However, when the time came for the first camp meeting of the season to open in Kansas on May 25 Ellen and Mary Clough were on the train bound for the East. ...
    25. May 1876
  20. 295. The Groveland Camp Meeting

    For attendance, the camp meeting held at Groveland, Massachusetts, reached an all-time high. It opened Thursday, August 24, and ran for five days. ...
    27. August 1876
  21. 296. The Plano Camp Meeting

    After spending a week at the McDearmon home in Dallas, Texas, James and Ellen White went on north some 20 miles (32 kilometers) to Plano. ...
    12. November 1878
  22. 297. Alone in the Colorado Mountains

    Then with Mary she was off to "Whites' Ranch" and the little cottage they owned on a few acres in the mountains near Rollinsville, Colorado. ...
    September 1881
  23. 298. First Visit to Dansville

    In the month of September, 1864, the Whites spent three weeks at Dr. James Caleb Jackson's health institution "Our Home on the Hillside" at Dansville, New York. ...
    September 1864
  24. 299. The Staff of the Institution

    The institution was well located, and the guest list ran about 300. The physicians on the staff were listed as James C. Jackson, M.D., physician-in-chief; F. Wilson Hurd, M.D.; Miss Harriet N. ...
  25. 300. Routine Physical Examinations

    Accompanying James and Ellen White to Dansville were Edson and Willie, and also Adelia Patten. They were given routine physical examinations by Dr. Jackson. ...


Charlie, the Horse

The Content of the Paper

The Rocky Hill Conference

No Money to Publish

James Begins to Write

The Paper Printed, Prepared and Mailed

Visiting the Abbeys

The Kansas Camp Meeting

On to Emporia

Hurrying to Emporia

Arriving at Emporia

Birth of Henry Nichols White

Satan Tries to Block the Spread of Truth

James and Ellen Leaving for Newport

Meeting Opposition

Organization of the California Conference

Calls From California Cut Short the Vacation

Ellen at the Camp Meeting in Malvern, Kansas

Ellen on her Way to Attend Eastern Camp Meetings

The Groveland Camp Meeting

The Plano Camp Meeting

Alone in the Colorado Mountains

First Visit to Dansville

The Staff of the Institution

Routine Physical Examinations