1. 326. Sydney Sanitarium and Hospital

    The Sydney Sanitarium opened in Wahroonga, Sydney on 1 January 1903 with a bed capacity of 70. The original building was designed by the American, Dr. ...
    Fox Vallen Road
    Wahroonga NSW 2076
  2. 327. Laramie, Wyoming, US

    1206 Downey
    Laramie, WY 82070
    United States
  3. 328. Arlington, California, US

    4076 Tomlinson
    Arlington, CA
    United States
  4. 329. La Sierra College (Arlington, California, US)

    219 MBK
    Arlington, CA
    United States
  5. 330. Far Eastern Division (SG, Colony of SG, SG)

    A large unit of church organization to which is allotted the territory of Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macao, Malaysia (inclu ...
    800 Thomson Road
  6. 331. Phoenix, Arizona, US

    505 East MacDowell Street
    Phoenix, AZ
    United States
  7. 332. Choctaw, Oklahoma, US

    Route 2, Box 88
    Choctaw, OK
    United States
  8. 333. Charles F. Kettering Memorial Hospital (Kettering, Ohio, US)

    3535 Southern Boulevard
    Kettering, OH 45429
    United States
  9. 334. Austrian Publishing House (Vienna, AT)

    (Wegweiser-Verlag). An incorporated publishing firm (without printing plant) in Vienna, owned and operated by the Austrian Union of Churches. The predecessor of the Austrian Publishing House was a bra ...
    Nussdorfer Strasse 5
  10. 335. Eugene, Oregon, US

    1080 Chamber Street
    Eugene, OR
    United States
  11. 336. Silesia, Montana, US

    Box 188
    Silesia, MT 59080
    United States
  12. 337. Regina, Saskatchewan, CA

    2875 Park Street
    Regina, SK
  13. 338. Milton-Freewater, Oregon, US

    600 North Main Street
    Milton-Freewater, OR
    United States
  14. 339. Fort Myers Junior Academy (Fort Myers, Florida, US)

    2663 Second Street
    Fort Myers, FL
    United States
  15. 340. Chicago, Illinois, US

    618 North Lockwood Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60644
    United States
  16. 342. Oshawa, Ontario, CA

    R.R. 2
    Oshawa, ON
  17. 343. Hayden Lake, Idaho, US

    Rt. 2, Box 259
    Hayden Lake, ID 83835
    United States
  18. 344. Red Bluff, California, US

    R.R. #1
    Red Bluff, CA
    United States
  19. 345. Paris, FR

    49, Avenue de la Grande-Armee
  20. 346. Loma Linda, California, US

    25015 Tulip Avenue
    Loma Linda, CA 92354
    United States
  21. 348. Theodore, Alabama, US

    700 Cherokee Trail
    Theodore, AL 36582
    United States
  22. 349. Corinth, Kentucky, US

    Box 52
    Corinth, KY
    United States
  23. 350. Spring Hill, Kansas, US

    Spring Hill, KS
    United States


Sydney Sanitarium and Hospital

Laramie, Wyoming, US

Arlington, California, US

La Sierra College (Arlington, California, US)

Far Eastern Division (SG, Colony of SG, SG)

Phoenix, Arizona, US

Choctaw, Oklahoma, US

Charles F. Kettering Memorial Hospital (Kettering, Ohio, US)

Austrian Publishing House (Vienna, AT)

Eugene, Oregon, US

Silesia, Montana, US

Regina, Saskatchewan, CA

Milton-Freewater, Oregon, US

Fort Myers Junior Academy (Fort Myers, Florida, US)

Chicago, Illinois, US

Alabama-Mississippi Academy (Chunky, Mississippi, US)

Oshawa, Ontario, CA

Hayden Lake, Idaho, US

Red Bluff, California, US

Paris, FR

Loma Linda, California, US

Laurelwood Academy (Gaston, Oregon, US)

Theodore, Alabama, US

Corinth, Kentucky, US

Spring Hill, Kansas, US