1. 451. Mt. Vernon, Ohio, US

    17 Avalon Road
    Mt. Vernon, OH
    United States
  2. 452. Englewood, Colorado, US

    1074 W. Dartmouth Avenue
    Englewood, CO
    United States
  3. 453. New York 27, New York, US

    526 W 122nd Street, Apartment 3-c
    New York 27, NY
    United States
  4. 454. Flint 3, Michigan, US

    1801 1/2 Detroid Street
    Flint 3, MI
    United States
  5. 455. Rackerby, California, US

    Rackerby, CA
    United States
  6. 456. Bickley, Western AU, AU

    Lawnbrook Road
  7. 457. JP Union Mission of S.D.A. (Tokyo, JP)

    164-2 Onden 3 Chome, Shibuya Ku
  8. 460. La Mesa, California, US

    4207 Palm Avenue
    La Mesa, CA
    United States
  9. 461. Atlantic Union College (South Lancaster, Massachusetts, US)

    (AUC). A coeducational four-year undergraduate liberal arts college operated by the Atlantic Union Conference. ...
    South Lancaster, MA
    United States
  10. 462. Angwin, California, US

    320 Clark Way
    Angwin, CA
    United States
  11. 463. Kentucky-Tennessee Conference (Nashville, Tennessee, US)

    A unit of church organization comprising the state of Kentucky and approximately the western half of Tennessee, to the eastern boundaries of the counties of Cannon, Clay, Coffee, De Kalb, Franklin, Ja ...
    2001 - 24th Avenue, North
    Nashville, TN
    United States
  12. 464. Blackburn, Victoria, AU

    478 Middleborough Road
    Blackburn VIC
  13. 465. Sacramento 20, California, US

    4115 34th Street
    Sacramento 20, CA
    United States
  14. 466. Arlington, California, US

    10383 Date Avenue
    Arlington, CA
    United States
  15. 467. Dayton 3, Ohio, US

    515 Gondert Avenue
    Dayton 3, OH
    United States
  16. 468. Wooster, Ohio, US

    724 High Street
    Wooster, OH
    United States
  17. 469. Greenfield, Iowa, US

    Route 2, Box 106
    Greenfield, IA
    United States
  18. 470. Fresno, California, US

    Route 9, Box 427
    Fresno, CA
    United States
  19. 471. Corona, California, US

    819 Belle Street
    Corona, CA 91720
    United States
  20. 472. Wallington, Ohio, US

    Wallington, OH
    United States
  21. 473. College Place, Washington, US

    Box 202
    College Place, WA
    United States
  22. 474. Chicago, Michigan, US

    2716 West North Avenue
    Chicago, MI
    United States
  23. 475. Glemwood, Arkansas, US

    Route 1, Box 178
    Glemwood, AR 71943
    United States


Mt. Vernon, Ohio, US

Englewood, Colorado, US

New York 27, New York, US

Flint 3, Michigan, US

Rackerby, California, US

Bickley, Western AU, AU

JP Union Mission of S.D.A. (Tokyo, JP)

Oshawa Missionary College (Oshawa, Ontario, CA)

De La Iglesia Adventista Del Septimo Dia (Temuco, CL)

La Mesa, California, US

Atlantic Union College (South Lancaster, Massachusetts, US)

Angwin, California, US

Kentucky-Tennessee Conference (Nashville, Tennessee, US)

Blackburn, Victoria, AU

Sacramento 20, California, US

Arlington, California, US

Dayton 3, Ohio, US

Wooster, Ohio, US

Greenfield, Iowa, US

Fresno, California, US

Corona, California, US

Wallington, Ohio, US

College Place, Washington, US

Chicago, Michigan, US

Glemwood, Arkansas, US