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  1. 56. The Matter of Beards (31-C-5)

    Is it a Bible Question?
    08. July 1858
  2. 70. Organization (DF 285)

    19. March 1861


The first home built by James White on Wood Street in Battle Creek, Michigan, 18...

Ellen and James White

Ellen and James White with "Willie" White

You Will Vote at Our Spring Election, Won't You? (DF 62)

Battle Creek Sabbath School (DF 143)

The Matter of Beards (31-C-5)

Ellen G. White portrait (oval), c. 1859

James White tintypes early c. 1859

Ellen White tintypes early c. 1859

1859 Angeline Andrews diary

Ellen G. White portrait (oval), c. 1859

Ellen and James White

Account of Experiences by Otis Nichols

Purchase of the Adams Press Concern by R. Hoe & Co. (DF 138-A)

Uriah Smith, cir 1860

Solomon Wellcome; of Almond, Wisconsin. He is the Elder K. of 1T 334-337 involve...

Early Sabbath School Services (16-K-1)

The "Ravens" That Fed Elijah (DF 608)

The "Ravens" That Fed Elijah (31-C-25)

Organization (DF 285)

Hoops and Unhealthful Dress, and the Murder of Unborn Children (37-C-1)

Frank E. Belden - The author 1862

The White Brothers, Henry (left), Edson (middle) and Willie (right), cir. 1862: ...

Portland-prior to 1863

Report of General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists (16-F-3)