1. 526. James Proposes to Buy an Own Press

    In December 1851 James and Ellen White left Saratoga Springs for a midwinter tour, visiting scattered groups of believers and churches in northern and western New York. ...
    23. December 1851
  2. 527. The 64-Page Pamphlet

    As they were publishing the Extra for the Review they decided to turn to a pamphlet or book as a means of making the visions available in permanent form. ...
  3. 528. Learning by Experience: Tent Meetings

    After the meetings at Grand Rapids were over, Ellen White was given a vision at the house of Brother Fitch. ...
    July 1854
  4. 529. A Permanent Financial Plan

    Things had reached a state where a permanent plan had to be found to provide financial resources for the growing church. ...
  5. 530. The Youth´s Instructor

    The Youth's Instructor was a monthly journal James White had started recently to reach the youth of the emerging church. ...
    July 1852
  6. 531. A New Carriage

    In mid-June, while visiting a nearby company of believers over the weekend, they were pleasantly surprised. James White wrote about this: ...
    15. June 1852
  7. 532. Charlie Fond of Apples

    Charlie was very fond of apples. As they drove where apple orchards lined the roads and big red apples lay in the path of the travelers, James would loosen the checkrein. ...
    July 1852
  8. 533. James White's Appeal

    And what was the significance of an act of Congress that directed that all new dies made at the United States Mint were to bear the motto "In God We Trust"? ...
    09. May 1865
  9. 534. James Suffers a Stroke of Paralysis

    On Friday, August 18, 1865, at age 44, he suffered a stroke of paralysis. By that time James was was president of the General Conference; head of the General Conference Committee; president of th ...
    May 1865
  10. 535. James White Earning Means

    Soon after this the Whites were invited to attend a conference at Volney, New York, in August 1848. ...
    July 1848
  11. 536. The Spirit of Prophecy is Given its Rightful Place

    Immediately a change in policy became evident. In the issue of December 18, in a two-page editorial titled "The Testimony of Jesus," James White defended the appearance of the Spirit of prophecy ...
    November 1855
  12. 537. The Washington Hand Press too Slow

    For five years the Review and Herald had been printed on a press owned and operated by Sabbathkeeping Adventists. ...
    March 1857
  13. 538. Cottrell's Respond

    James White had closed his statement in the Review, laying before the church the matter of the need for organization of the publishing interests with the words "If any object to our sugg ...
    22. March 1860
  14. 539. Loughborough Responds

    J. N. Loughborough, working with White in Michigan, was the first to respond. His words were in the affirmative, but on the defensive: ...
    08. March 1860
  15. 540. The Situation in the Matter of Church Organization

    As they moved through the state and saw what was happening, James White was "stung with the thought that the balance of influence is either against, or silent upon, the subject of organization" ( ...
  16. 541. The Business Meeting

    So after the Sabbath, October 5, a meeting was held, with Joseph Bates serving as chairman and Uriah Smith as secretary. ...
    05. October 1861
  17. 542. Reconsideration

    It was seconded by Moses Hull, and adopted. But the vote was not full, and White stated that he hoped that a matter of such importance would not be passed without some discussion. ...
  18. 543. James White: "The Bible is Our Creed"

    Then James made a comprehensive and significant statement on the matter. I wish to say a word now in favor of the resolution. I prefer that the brethren should be uniform ...
  19. 544. Too Promptly in Organizing

    The stage had been set, and now the believers in most states moved rather promptly into full organization. ...
    29. October 1861
  20. 545. A Threat to the Denominational Income

    There were still many difficult days ahead, but the provision that by paying $300 a drafted Seventh-day Adventist could gain freedom from military service brought relief till well into 1864. ...
  21. 546. Another Call for Volunteers

    In January 1865 the president issued another call for 300,000 volunteers to fill up the ranks in the armies. ...
    January 1865
  22. 547. James Working on the Charts

    James was eager to introduce the new charts into the field. In the Review of October 6 he reported: ...
    06. October 1863
  23. 548. Articles on the Use of Tobacco

    In 1856 there were a number of Sabbathkeeping Adventists still plagued with the use of tobacco in one form or another. ...
    April 1856
  24. 549. Diphteria

    The Review and Herald, edited by James White and Uriah Smith, occasionally carried items such as rest, fresh air, and exercise, selected from other journals or from the writings of a Dr. ...
  25. 550. Henry is Going to Die

    From day to day he grew weaker. Medical science had little to offer in treating pneumonia, and it now seemed certain there would be no recovery. The record is: ...


James Proposes to Buy an Own Press

The 64-Page Pamphlet

Learning by Experience: Tent Meetings

A Permanent Financial Plan

The Youth´s Instructor

A New Carriage

Charlie Fond of Apples

James White's Appeal

James Suffers a Stroke of Paralysis

James White Earning Means

The Spirit of Prophecy is Given its Rightful Place

The Washington Hand Press too Slow

Cottrell's Respond

Loughborough Responds

The Situation in the Matter of Church Organization

The Business Meeting


James White: "The Bible is Our Creed"

Too Promptly in Organizing

A Threat to the Denominational Income

Another Call for Volunteers

James Working on the Charts

Articles on the Use of Tobacco


Henry is Going to Die