1. 5626. European Division

    A unit of church organization that functioned from 1913 to 1928. Beginning in 1901, the European unions and their mission territories were treated as a unit, called the European General Conference (19 ...
    European Division
  2. 5630. Millan Pond (US)

    United States
  3. 5640. Peoria, Texas (Peoria, Texas, US)

    Peoria, TX
    United States


European Division

Convis, Michigan (Convis, Michigan, US)

Oak Hill Cemetry (US)

Memphis, Michigan (Memphis, Michigan, US)

Millan Pond (US)

West Enosburg, Vermont (West Enosburg, Vermont, US)

Clyde, Illinois (Clyde, Illinois, US)

Bordeauville, Vermont (Bordeauville, Vermont, US)

Battle Creek College (Battle Creek, Michigan, US)

Lancaster, New York (Lancaster, New York, US)

Windsor, California (Windsor, California, US)

Green Valley, California (Green Valley, California, US)

Home of James and Ellen G. White - Oakland, California (Oakland, California, US)

Lawrence, Massachusetts (Lawrence, Massachusetts, US)

Peoria, Texas (Peoria, Texas, US)

Boulder, Colorado (Boulder, Colorado, US)

Okmulgee, Oklahoma (Okmulgee, Oklahoma, US)

Coffeyville, Kansas (Coffeyville, Kansas, US)

Portland, Oregon (Portland, Oregon, US)

Walla Walla, Washington (Walla Walla, Washington, US)

West Boylston, Massachusetts (West Boylston, Massachusetts, US)

Hornellsville, New York (Hornellsville, New York, US)

Rochester, Indiana (Rochester, Indiana, US)

Magog, Quebec (Magog, Quebec, CA)

Home of James and Ellen G. White - Battle Creek, Michigan (Battle Creek, Michigan, US)