1. 99388. Could Christ have come before 1884?

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Issue 15, May 2017

Issue 16, August 2017

Statements Mistakenly Attributed to Ellen G. White

Nambari 17, Novemba 2017

The Highlights, November 2017

James S. White Letters Released

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Alleged Historical Errors

Shouldn’t we be preaching the Adventist “pillars”?

Could Christ have come before 1884?

Should the Adventist Church reject all government aid?

Is everything Ellen White wrote inspired?

Ellen G. White's Literary Productions

Has the time come for us to stop using dairy products?

What is the sin against the Holy Spirit?

Did the leaders of the Adventist Church reject the 1888 message?

Will the United States be brought to its knees?

Will only vegetarians be translated?

Was Ellen White of mixed-race ancestry?

Should an Adventist marry only another Adventist?

Did God give Ellen White the very words He wanted her to write?

How could Ellen White endorse what the Bible condemns?