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  1. 99443. Ellen G. White's Writings

    13 April 1999


Ellen G. White, circa 1875

Biographical information form for Ellen G. White

Did God give Ellen White the very words He wanted her to write?

Failed Visions

Did Ellen White say the General Conference is Babylon?

Ellen G. White at "Sunnyside," Cooranbong, N.S.W., Australia, July 1899

What is the sin against the Holy Spirit?

Was the tower of Babel built to escape another flood?

Must we be “teetotalers” to be true vegetarians?

Did Ellen White condemn the doctrine of the Trinity?

Should people of other races not seek equality with white people?

Did Ellen White say children shouldn’t touch dogs and cats?

Was Ellen White of mixed-race ancestry?

Unpublished Letters and Manuscripts release

Have the most important books Ellen White wrote been changed?

James Edson White Letters Released

Should an Adventist marry only another Adventist?

Ellen G. White's Writings

Did Ellen White say the General Conference is Babylon?

Did Ellen White contradict Scripture regarding the “day and hour”?

Did Ellen White say she spoke with her dead husband in a vision?

Will all the Adventist leaders fall in the last days?

Are Ellen White’s writings a “lesser light”?

Did Ellen White say anything about dinosaurs?

'From the Heart' devotional book released online