1. 99537. 2018 SOP Day

    20. October 2018
  2. 99538. 2017 SOP Day

    11. August 2017
  3. 99539. Day hymns

    11. August 2015
  4. 99541. Heritage Sabbath Hymns 2018

    20. October 2018
  5. 99544. Heritage Sabbath Sermon 2018

    20. October 2018


Must fruit and vegetables never be eaten at the same meal?

Ellen G. White, circa 1875

The Highlights, February 2018

Why hasn’t everything Ellen White wrote been published?

"The Shut Door"

Was the tower of Babel built to escape another flood?

Ellen White Writings for Mac OS X

Do I have to stop eating meat to be saved?

Letters and Manuscripts Folio Infobase

Jerusalem Never to Be Rebuilt

Did the events of 9/11 fulfill an Ellen White prophecy?

2018 SOP Day

2017 SOP Day

Day hymns


Heritage Sabbath Hymns 2018

Heritage Sabbath Childrens Story 2018


Heritage Sabbath Sermon 2018

Did Ellen White say she spoke with her dead husband in a vision?

EGW Writings 2 update for iOS 11 to be released in October 2017

Is it wrong to hold church committee meetings on the Sabbath?

October 20: Spirit of Prophecy and Adventist Heritage Sabbath Sermon: "Blessings from the Gift of Prophecy."

Did Ellen White eat any meat after her health-reform vision in 1863? What about that 1858 "pork" testimony?

What did Ellen White say about Christian drama?