EGW Writings 2 update for iOS 11 to be released in October 2017

Letters and Manuscripts Folio Infobase

Has the time come for us to stop using dairy products?

Jerusalem Never to Be Rebuilt

Did Ellen White say chocolate is OK?

Why do Ellen and James White have an obelisk on their graves?

Will the Democratic Party enact the Sunday laws?

Some in 1856 Never to Die

Unfulfilled Predictions?

What must we do to get new light?

What did Ellen White say about women preaching?

Must we be “teetotalers” to be true vegetarians?

Did God give Ellen White the very words He wanted her to write?

Did Ellen White eat any meat after her health-reform vision in 1863? What about that 1858 "pork" testimony?


EGW Writings for macOS released