1. 153. A Peculiar People

    12. October 1885
  2. 155. The Grace and Mercy of God (31-B-28)

    17. November 1885
  3. 156. Notes of Travel (DF 291)

    From California to Switzerland
  4. 162. A New Year's Day Letter

    01. January 1886
  5. 165. You May Trust Him

    20. June 1886
  6. 166. Appeal to a Brother (DF 109-A)

    09. September 1886
  7. 168. Snell's Seminary (DF 59)

    28. December 1886
  8. 173. The Weight of Evidence (DF 233)

    22. November 1887


European Missionary Council (DF 606-C)

Collections on Sabbath (25-J-2)

A Peculiar People

The Council at Basel, Suisse (DF 105)

The Grace and Mercy of God (31-B-28)

Notes of Travel (DF 291)

Light on the Draft, etc. (DF 320)

Building A House For God (DF 529-A)

Use of Testimonies (DF 107-C)

Topics of Sabbath School Lesson from 1886 - 1951 (DF 143)

The Beginnings of the Washington, New Hampshire, Church (DF 188)

A New Year's Day Letter

Why Does the Phrase "The Testimony of Jesus" Still Apply to Ellen White Even Though She's not Alive Anymore? (25-K-6)

In the Cathedral at Milan, Italy (31-C-23)

You May Trust Him

Appeal to a Brother (DF 109-A)

An Important Testimony to Our Brethren and Sisters in New York and an Appeal from the New York Conference Committee (DF 11)

Snell's Seminary (DF 59)

Prayer Life of Ellen G. White (DF 749)

Regarding a Letter to Dr. Waggoner and A. T. Jones (DF 236)

The Sin of Licentiousness (DF 109-A)

Counsel to Laborers Entering a New Field (DF 661)

The Weight of Evidence (DF 233)

Central European Mission (DF 606)

Experiences While at the General Conference in Minneapolis, Minn. in 1888 (DF 189)