1. 226. Christian Experience (DF 97-A)

    September 1893
  2. 227. The Remnant Church (16-L-1)

    19. September 1893
  3. 234. A Life-Changing Experience

    08. February 1894
  4. 236. Death of Hazen Foss (DF 228)

    01. April 1894
  5. 240. To Students (22-A)

    31. May 1894
  6. 241. African Land (DF 686-A)

    17. August 1894
  7. 243. Prevailing Prayer

    24. September 1894


Christian Experience (DF 97-A)

The Remnant Church (16-L-1)

Useful Occupation Better Than Games (10-F)

Amusements at Battle Creek (10-G)

Should Christians Be Members of Secret Societies? (DF 522)

The Edson Manuscript (DF 588)

Criticism of Pioneers (DF 439-F)

Use of the Testimonies in Public Labor (DF 107-F)

A Life-Changing Experience

Marriage and Unselfishness (DF 360)

Death of Hazen Foss (DF 228)

Danger in Adopting Extreme Views (DF 439-F)

Elijah Fed by Ravens (31-C-25)

Report of the Campbell Track Near Morrisett N.S.W. (DF 170)

To Students (22-A)

African Land (DF 686-A)

Right Course Under Circumstances (DF 294)

Prevailing Prayer

Accepting 12,000 Acres in South Africa (DF 686-A)

Planning to Settle on the Cooranbong Property (DF 170)

Represent God in Benevolence (16-T-1)

Sentinel Comments on British South African Company (DF 686-A)

S. African Land Accepted for General Conference -- President O. A. Olson not Clear (DF 686-A)

Comments in the American Sentinel (DF 686-A)

Foreign Mission Board Finds South African Land Grant a Perplexing Question (DF 686-A)