The two chief officers of the board are the chair and the secretary. The secretary serves not only as secretary of the board but as president of the organization, and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the office and staff. Beginning in 1915, when the terms of Ellen G. White's will went into effect, the White Estate has had 11 chairs and six secretaries.

Chairs: A. G. Daniells, 1915; F. M. Wilcox, 1915-1922; A. G. Daniells, 1922-1935; J. E. Fulton, 1935-1936; J. L. Shaw, 1936-1937; F. M. Wilcox, 1938-1944; M. E. Kern, 1944-1951; D. E. Rebok, 1952; A. V. Olson, 1952-1963; F. D. Nichol 1963-1966; W. P. Bradley, 1966-1980; Kenneth H. Wood, 1980-2008; Don C. Schneider, 2008-2013; G. T. Ng, 2014 -

Secretaries: Clarence C. Crisler, 1915-1917; William C. White, 1917-1937; Arthur L. White, 1937-1978; Robert W. Olson, 1978-1990; Paul A. Gordon, 1990-1995; Juan Carlos Viera, 1995-2000; James R. Nix, 2000-2020; Merlin D. Burt, 2020-,

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