Thought for the Day by Ellen G. White

In the preaching of the word there must be the working of an agency beyond any human power. - COL 64

While we are to preach the word, we can not impart the power that will quicken the soul, and cause righteousness and praise to spring forth. - COL 64

No strength or wisdom of man can bring forth from the seed the living plant. – COL p. 63

Daily Devotionals by Ellen G. White

From the Heart

Ellen G. White's regular contact with Seventh-day Adventist church members during much of her ministry was through the articles she wrote for the various church journals. Woven throughout every message was her earnest desire to lead searching hearts and minds to Jesus and to prepare each believer for His soon return. Drawn exclusively from those thousands of articles, her words of enouragement, guidance, and caution will inspire you to an ever closer walk with God.