EGW Writings LogoThe Ellen G. White Writings Comprehensive Research Edition contains all the published version of Ellen G White’s Writings and many additional study resources for the diligent Spirit of Prophecy student. The software is the latest version for PC Computers using Folio Views search engine. This software has sold in excess of 500,000 copies over the past 21 years. The original price was $500 for the CD-ROM software. It is now available as a software download for only $15. (See details below)

Product Features:

  • 385 Ellen G. White titles and 75,000 pages of text in one searchable database
  • The complete published titles list:
  • Six-volume Ellen G. White biography
  • The 4-volume topical Comprehensive Index, with more than 400,000 links to the pages referenced in the entries. Includes the Scripture Index.
  • 5,000 EGW periodical articles
  • 21-volume Manuscript Releases
  • King James Version Bible with full text search
  • 8 Ellen White Children's Stories (text only)
  • 16 Ellen White reference works
  • 110 White Estate research documents
  • Noah Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary
  • Adventist Pioneer Library
  • 7 historical reference works

System Requirements:

- Intel Pentium IV or better processor

- Microsoft Windows 7 or later

- 4 GB RAM

- 750MB of available hard disk space

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