To aid in the crisis situation at Battle Creek, Littlejohn had been asked in January to take charge of "District No. 3." The Battle Creek church, with its 497 members (RH, Apr. 17, 1883), comprised the largest part of the district.

With a strong base of support in the majority of the church officers and members, Littlejohn began to get positive materials into the Review. The issue of May 8 carried the first of a series of three rather scholarly articles on "Seventh-day Adventists and the Testimony of Jesus Christ."

Ellen was aware, of course, of the warfare against her work and was particularly alert to the deplorable conditions existing in the Battle Creek church. Of these she wrote:

Many are in reality fighting his [Satan's] battles while they profess to serve under the banner of Christ. These traitors in the camp may not be suspected, but they are doing their work to create unbelief, discord, and strife. Such are the most dangerous of foes. While they insinuate themselves into our favor and gain our confidence and sympathy, they are busy suggesting doubts and creating suspicion. They work in the same manner as did Satan in heaven when he deceived the angels by his artful representations (RH, Aug. 28, 1883).

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